July 1, 2019

Stars and Stripes

THE SCENE: Slicnut season for sure! Unfortunately, I was painfully reminded of this on Friday.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Done once and for all time. (Disclaimerthe previous statement does in no manner reflect the sentiment that the QIC will no longer give a disclaimer before the workout.  Rather the above statement specifically refers to the period of time immediately following said disclaimer to the end of the 2nd F PLC, not to extend to the moment a PAX enters a vehicle or alternative mode of transportation at the conclusion of the F3 workout experience.) 

rolling out the necks, stretching out the hammies, touching the toes/knuckles to the asphalt/or for some; bending at the waist.   Mosey up the Berm’s berm with the flag.

Shoulder taps x 25 IC, SSHs x 25 IC

Set up:  orange pin flags arranged in a five pointed star (detail for those more accustomed to the Star of David.  F3 is open to and welcomes all faith backgrounds).  Star points set at 25 paces apart.  In addition, 13 transects 15 m’s long, 5 m’s apart, were set out with orange pin flags.

!st exercise: Star course: PAX began at one point of the star and ran to next point performing 1 Burpee at each point.  Round 1 – 5 burbees total sprinting between the points to trace a star.  Rinse and Repeat, 10 rounds (50 Burpees, one for each state in the Union).

2nd exercise:  Moseyed over to the first of 13 transects. Sprinted the transects back and forth performing 13 American Hammers (2=1) at each flag.  (26 flags, 13 transects = 676 total AH’s)

3rd exercise: Back to the star course.  5 Merkins at each point for 2 rounds (50 total Merkins)

4rth exercise:  Burbees x 50 IC (QIC led cadence for 1’s and 40’s, Mudpants, Beauty Shop, and Photoshop led cadence for the 10’s, 20’s, and 30’s – seamless transition)

MARY:  3 minutes of plank work.

9 PAX (1) FNG ‘Ice Man’, Big Top, Mudpants, Photoshop, Keychain, Promise Ring, Searcy, Beauty Shop, Tomb Raider

A believer and follower of Jesus knows that ‘we win.’  Victory is ours in Him.  Remind yourself of that when the suffering of life beats you down.  Gather up that shield lock so that they can remind you of the victory when your battles seem lost.

Original theme was “stars and bars”  but apparently some of us haven’t forgotten the Civil War as us Yanks call it but others refer to it as ‘The Great War’, ‘the War between the States’, or my favorite ‘The War of Northern Agression’.  Kudos to my copy editors.

Setting up 2 – 3 star courses would have made this more manageable by spreading us out as we were a bit clustered together running between star points.  Or making the star larger would have added more running but seperated us.  Definitely a neccessity with numbers greater than 10 PAX.

50 Burpees was in my weinke for part of the Warm o rama but I audibled to the end, especially after Big Top was talking about doing 50 burbees at once during tha thang.  The 50 was a good gauge as to where your burbee discomfort level is currently at.  Having multiple PAX lead cadence is always a good thing and masks the fact that you as the QIC is gassed.

Prayers requested for el Bano and fiance as they travel back from Tanzania.  Also, for Searcy’s Dad and his infection.  Searcy’s mom’s travels to IL.  Safe travel also for Interweb.  Pray for the adoption process for Billy Blanks and family as they leave for ND tomorrow and his upcoming exams.  Pray for good health and a changed heart for my Uncle Jim.

Thursday convergence at the Mothership.  2.0 workout with donuts Saturday at the Mothership.