July 6, 2020

Staking Claim to a New Park


73 with 112% humidity A colorful sky graced the pristine grounds of Powell Park.


Done twice


Motivators down from 6 (I messed up the count on the round of 6, luckily all PAX were there to correct me)

Imperial Walkers IC x 16

Daisy Pickers IC x 15

Bat Wings IC x 10

Stretch oyo for 30 seconds



Howling Monkey – all pax move to proper monkey humping position, alternated humping the monkey around the circle. 10,8,6,4,2

Toured the newest AO, this place really is awesome.

Light pole run with stops at every other light pole for sweating

5 burpees

10 merkins

15 squats

20 Merican Hammers

Modified to every fourth pole later in the round to make it back to the flag on time. 12 total stops and 1.3 mile run. Woody pushed the pace all morning forcing us all to take turns trying to beat him. Total reps 60 burpees, 120 merkins, 180 squats, 240 merican hammers. If the number of stops or total reps is off, we can thank Slater.



Freddie Mercury IC x 25

Low plank til 6:15, approx 1 minute



10 pax, 0 fng



I struggle with being an overactive listener. I tend to let a buzzing watch or dinging phone distract me from the conversation at hand. My challenge for us this morning it to be where our feet are, physically and virtually. Engage in conversation and truly listen to the person or persons we are communicating with. The texts, emails, twitter, slack, etc can wait.



In the words of Speaker, monkey humpers are the perfect way to lay claim to new land. I’m pretty sure the patrons of Powell Park altered their course this morning to avoid whatever the heck we were doing. Too late though, we ain’t leavin!

Announcement coming soon on the HIM that’s stepping up to be AOQ. Get out and support this new, soon to be official AO. There is no shortage of potential.

Keep fundraising for Alcy Ball!!

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