November 12, 2019

Stairway to Frozen

THE SCENE: -6°C, Northwind cutting through your pants, clear skies, full moon to the west, frozen fountain,
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: work hard, don’t die (or freeze)

Imperial Walkers X 12 IC
Slow Daisy Pickers X 12 IC
10 Burpees for a windblown flag (get a zip tie for the shovel flag!)
Mosey to the Stable with CMU/Kettle Bell

AMRAP in 30 Min:

  • 5 pullups (negatives if necessary)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Hanging Leg-lifts
  • 20 Kettlebell/CMU swings
  • 25 Bent Row with CMU each side (modify rep # as needed)
  • 30 curls
  • 400 M run

We completed three rounds of this running into a swirling frigid wind while TombRaider was basically naked.

Traditional Native American CMU Run with Kettlebells back to EndEx

Some rounds of American Hammer led by a HIM while MUDPANTS stopped to switch the kettle bell to the other side with a coupon. With 15 seconds to go Cheesesteak said, what else? So 10 burpees were added to the tab.
11 PAX (No PNG) MUDPANTS, Tomb Raider, Ike, Brutus, SwipeRight, Weezer (Say it Ain’t So), Cheesesteak, Drifter, Bushwhacker (Kotter), Woody, Speaker
Word of the Day: Perseverance. Perseverance means getting back up when you are down. Fighting through hard things, mentally, physically, spiritually. It means not giving up in serving your family, your community, your Creator. Many times we feel defeated, discouraged, disillusioned but we are called to persevere. As a Christ follower, I believe that Jesus persevered for me ultimately and that the victory has been won. I am now called to engage the fight (which means working out when it is -7° (C)!
Pass the hat for TombRaider so he can by a shirt to work out in so his nipples don’t freeze off. Pumpkin Spice coffee is actually good when you’ve been outside for an hour in subzero.
N/A, St Mary’s School for girls closed due to power outage. BSF3 shirts distributed.