March 11, 2019

Stairs and Sprints

THE SCENE:  Just above freezing but the body temp raised quickly with the workout!
15 Daisy Pickers IC15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Arm Circles (forward and then backwards) IC10 Leg Swing each leg IC
Stair Jump
Mossey to the stairs.Jog down the stairs and then using right leg only, jump up to the top of the stairs.Rinse and repeat with the left leg.

Parking Lot Spints:
Complete 12 rounds of sprints across the parking lot with a mossey back to the start:
  • Round 1 & 7 – Straight Sprint
  • Round 2 & 8 – Bear Crawl
  • Round 3 & 9 – Inch Worm Push-Ups
  • Round 4 & 10 – Broad Jump
  • Round 5 & 11 – Crab Walk
  • Round 6 & 12 – Lunges
Jack Webb:
A single count Merican then single count air press combination on the Q’s command, with an ascending rep count of each up to 10 with the pvc rifle from the BotB in Nashville backmin January.
Hurricane Hoedown:
Flutter kick circuit performed in cadence:7 IC Seated Flutter Kicks with hands raised. Move immediately to hands behind you.7 IC slightly reclined flutterkicks. Move immediately to laying down.7 IC normal flutter kicks. Move immediately to crunch postion.7 IC LBC Flutter kicks.Rinse and repeat as we worked our way down the cadence ladder 7,6,5…
4 PAX (1 Irish Goodbye), no FNGs
Everyone has a level of hard in your life. You will continually be running into your level of hard (if it’s in your relationship, fitness or spiritual life) until you break through that level. But once you break through what used to be hard now becomes normal and easy to accomplish. Keep pushing on whatever your current level of hard and soon you’ll look back and realize how easy that is.
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