May 21, 2019

Stack’em 15 High

THE SCENE: Feeling like summer with that early a.m. humidity. Not gloomy enough to disguise the PAXs’ looks of anticipation as new sets of headlights graced the parking lot.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done. Healthy reminder to push yourself above modification, or else why are we out here?

SSHs x 30 IC, Burpees x 10 IC, IW x 20 IC, Failure to Launch x 2 IC, Overhead Claps x 20 IC
Stacked rep counts consisting of three exercises at four stations with movements in between each round.

1st station:  CMU pile (movement; Bear Blocks – 20 yrds)

Round 1, rep count at 1:  Blockie Body Bags, Blockie Body Builders, Blockies

Round 2, rep count 2: “, “, “

Round 3, rep count 3: “, “, “

2nd station:  CMU pile (movement; block pull throughs in the high plank position sliding CMU back and forth underneath you)

Round 4, rep count 4: Curls, Overhead Press, Rows

Round 5, rep count 5: “, “, “

Round 6, rep count 6: “, “, “

3rd station: Ball court/Monkey Bars (movement; monkey bars, each rung, feet off the ground)

Round 7, rep count 7: Bobby Hurlies, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks

Round 8, rep count 8: “, “, “

Round 9, rep count 9: “, “, “

4rth station: Big Tree @ 3/4 mile mark (movement; ruck/rope pull. rope attached to ruck and thrown over a large branch approx. 30′ up.  on your six pull the ruck to the limb.  modified to PAX taking turns OYO in between rounds.

Round 10, rep count 10: Long Jumps, Walking Lunges, Power Skips

Round 11, rep count 11: “, “, “

Round 12, rep count 12: “, “, “

Round 13, rep count 13: High Knees, Butt Kicks, Squat

Round 14, rep count 14: “, “, “

Round 15, rep count 15: “, “, “

Some PAX did Flutter kicks waiting on the 6.
14 PAX, 1 FNG (Mario Kart); Bailout, The Dude, El Bano, Big Top, Mudpants, Judah, Lipton, Beauty Shop, Flat Tire, Bob Ross, Squeegee, Drifter, Tomb Raider

“Surrender is the proof of conviction.  Surrender is the proof of a convicted life.”

The above leads me to this question; where and what am I surrendering in my life that is proof of my convictions?  In F3 we surrender the comfort of our fartsack, our time, and our isolation to combat ‘sad clown syndrome’.  Pretty easy to see the surrender in what we do in the early a.m.  Now let’s dig deeper, get a little more uncomfortable.

I strongly believe that abortion is the holocaust of our generation(s).  How could the Nazi party murder millions of Jews, eastern Europeans, mentally ill, and other minority groups?  How were some people complacent in this?  What did professed Christ followers do or not do during the holocaust?  History is 20/20

Now, what am I surrendering to match my conviction that abortion is murder? Am I volunteering at a pro-life clinic?  Am I supporting single moms, orphans, foster kids?  Do I foster?  Do I adopt?  Am I identifying a young pregnant girl in my neighborhood and showing love and compassion for her?  Where is my time, talents, and treasures being spent and is there enough evidence in what I am surrendering to convict me of my conviction?

My M is adopted, praise God for her biological Mom whoever and wherever she is. I bet there was more than 1 who surrendered a lot for her.

MOLESKIN: Great to see the PAX come on out, even if you’re against dudes wearing ladies hair styles.  The clippers were ready.  In their desperation, the PAX aggressively EH’ed some early morning joggers and dog walkers.

It was great to see Bob Ross make the trek from the NE Kingdom and to fellowship with Flat Tire, his Irish Goodbyes are classic.

Prayers requested for El Bano as he prepares for a multi-week trip to Tanzania, HIM! Maybe we could all support him with some of our treasures also.

Convergence Monday, Memorial Day at the Barracks.  Pick your poison as there are three workout options or three hours of working out depending on your inclination.