June 24, 2020

SS Payback


Temps were good but Humidity was turrible

Welcome and disclaimed
Side Straddle Hops x 51 IC

Daisy Pickers x 20 IC

Arm Circles F and R x 10 IC

Stretch for 30 seconds

4 Corners: Merkins x 20, then Dips x 19 and work the way down by 1 rep alternating between Merkins and Dips until 0, mosey travel between corners

4 Corners: Squats x 35 and work the way down by 5 reps until 0, mosey travel between corners

Partner up. Partner 1 does burpees while partner 2 completes 50 minute climbers and sprints back and alternate until 200 total mountain climbers are complete

Mosey to concrete walls

Box Jumps x 20 and LBC’s x 20 and Repeat

Mosey to Flag
Plank x 1 minute

Called on Spirit Stick who called 10 burpees

Paper Cut called Gas Pumpers IC x 15

Plank x 1 minute

Slater called Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Finished Mary by planking for 40 seconds


Prayed for those dealing with struggles whether job related, health related, family issues, depression, etc.