May 18, 2018

Sprints and Fraps

THE SCENE: It was a balmy 70 degrees as we arrived with the hooligans of the Houston football team.



Ssh x20 IC 4ct
Tempo squats x20 IC 4ct
Arm circles. Fwd and back x20 IC 4ct
Calf raises 20/20/20
Line hops 30/30


Mosey to big lot
One lap around parking lot
10 x 20 yd sprints
10 x 10 yd spirit.
Calf raises 30/30/30
Line hops 30/30
One lap around parking lot
10 x 40 yd sprints
10 x 20 yd spirit.
Calf raises 30/30/30
Line hops 30/30
8 x 40 yd sprints
8 x 20 yd spirit.
2 x 100 yd sprint
Mosey to start



Push ups/triceps 10x each exercise x 3
Lunge hold x 1 min hold each leg

YHC shared out of Proverbs 18. I have noticed in almost the last 2 years of marriage that I am very selfish. I don’t wake up and hope for it or do it on purpose. I think I am actually a pretty decent guide. Then I realize my cheapness can cause issues between my wife and I. This week, we talked about something as simple as turning on the AC. Thanks to our Weather Q, spring lasted a week. I don’t notice how hot the house gets, so I need to make the effort to turn it on. Examples don’t stop there but you get the point.

My challenge is for the PAX to be true HIM and focus on serving their wife and children (if they have them). We can’t truly shine for Christ if we are not staring in our first mission field: our home. Find ways to love on them and others will see the difference a HIM can make.

Great work today by Captain Obvious and Slicnut on bringing the first ever PLF. It was a great way to cool our core down.  I hate sprints, so thanks men for pushing through together. We raised the game but we need to be raising each other up in prayer more importantly. Keep working hard and don’t be afraid to push (unless that means you almost soil your shorts).