March 12, 2020

Spiders, Slugs, and Bone Thugs.

PreRuck Festivities:

Kitty (perpetually coming in hot for prerucks… check the Lair channel and see for yourself), Sideline, Skids, and Slater (YHC rucked 1.9mi from home to preruck). Rucked the boardwalk (Kitty kept running into spied we webs a TOTALLY FREAKING OUT) and talked about spiders, slugs, and Bone Thugs. Skids had a slug on his person when he entered his car after boot camp Tuesday. Kitty accused him of not moving enough. 


Soggy. Foggy (visibility still great). Perfect for F3.




SSH IC x20

Daisy Pickers IC x10

IW IC x 15


Let’s ruck! FNG established that Stephen King looked like he could handle the ruck better, so that’s what we did. He’s kind of strong (😳… I mean it’s dark, but muscles look different than fat).

YHC turned on the tunes, Tooth & Nail Records Punk Rawk Show playlist. Complaints. Switched to One Republic. More complaints.

We stopped for some BBSUs. 25 OYO. Ruck back up. Dial Up didn’t want to shuffle (probably more like jogging) so I let him set the pace. He might ruck faster than Lochte!

Changed the music again. Genie in a Bottle. 25 more BBSU. Next track: No Scrubs. Gettin Jiggy Wit it (Skids liked this one and reminisced on private school not letting this song be used… can’t imagine how they would have reacted to Dre or Snoop).

Ruck back to field. PAX on end zone. Ruck to 50, perform 25 BBSU. Ruck to opposite end zone, perform 50 BBSU. Ruck back to start. Rinse and repeat. FNG was pretty vocal about how long it had been since he exercised. At one point asked how long the pain lasted. Answer: “it doesn’t, you just get used to it. FNG: “No, what time is this over?” 😂 “OH! Yeah, 6:15!”

After round 4, YHC announced that you could perform squats instead. Some switched to LBCs for parts. But as always, you can modify… right? Didn’t I say that during the disclaimer?!? 🤔

3 more rounds for a total of 🤔🧮📝… 7 (17 if you’re at the Annex).


WWI Sit ups IC x15

4ct Flutter Kicks IC xZERO cause… 6:15


7 (1 FNG Yogi); Dial Up, Sideline, Stephen King, Skids, Kitty Forman (FKA Hello Kitty), Slater


Integrity. It matters. No matter what people say about you, truth is truth. When people say untrue things, don’t fight about it. Live the truth. Be honest. Be kind. Show respect. Be men of integrity. Stand firm in the truth.


Lots going on. Coronavirus (while creating mass hysteria, is real and is causing problems… don’t freak out. Wash your hands. Keep a close eye on those most at risk). Nashville/Cookeville: be on the lookout for details on trip and donations.


Slackity Slack.


Since I had to ruck home, I wanted to get 8 miles and figured I’d be just shy of it. Turning the corner on my street, Strava showed 7.6. No problem, I’ll just go down the street and back. That didn’t happen. I went further. Then changed the plan. Ended up rucking 16.05mi.

Workout Date: