October 22, 2017

Spicy Knees

Pictured: Early PAX for a 4-mile ruck around the lake at Shelby Farms. “O beautiful, for spacious skies…”

Pax: 22, no FNG’s.

Big Al, Vocals, Quick Dry, Echo, Soybean, Sparky, Snookie, Foursquare, Chyna, Granola, Escobar, Blue, Bruce, C-Lo, Outkast, O-Positive, Woody, Nature Boy, Pops, Meatball, Foureyes.


10x SSH

10x Imperial Walkers

10x Good Mornings

10x 4-Count Merkins




11’s: Burpees, Aquaman.

Line up across one end of field (cones set up 30 yards apart).

Side shuffle down facing left, shuffle back facing same way.

Start w 10 burpees, side shuffle across. Decrease count to 1.

Do 1 Aquaman, side shuffle back. Increase count to 10.

Done: 30 flutter kicks, then hold plank for “the 6” (last man).



Plank Press-ups x10

High Knees x15

Plank jacks x10

High Knees x15

Donkey Kicks x10

High Knees x15

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a merkin x10

Crab to Plank Inchworm (groups of 4 or 5) (recycle line 3 times)

180 Jumps (x10) (in 2 lines facing each other)

Indian Run (run single file; last man sprints to front of the line)(recycle twice).

AYG back to the cones.


Foureyes: Mary:

Inchworm 30 yards (plank, then jump feet up, then walk hands out, repeat)

5x Partner “leg push downs” (count left, right, middle  as 1, flapjackw partner)

10x Plank toe touch (opposite hand to foot)

5x V-up Bicycles

Repeat inchworm and Partner Leg Push-Downs.


COT: Word from Meatball on reevaluating our attitude as men towards the relationships we invest in most often. Sometimes we can slip into a mindset of viewing these relationships as chores, instead of reflecting an attitude of thanksgiving that we are blessed to be given these relationships in the first place. A very timely word.


Moleskine: Great vibe this morning. Best weather YHC has had at a post to date. Gorgeous sunrise, chatter from Phat Pat to keep me going, and good representation from all over the city. Let’s be mindful of the headlocking we can do this week and pump in a few more FNG’s. Props to Meatball on Q-ing his first set. He is a man I’ve known over seven years and we have seen each other grow as teachers, friends, husbands, and fathers. It’s great to have the chance to push other men into leadership.