April 3, 2019

Spanish Inquisition @ the Second Star to the Right

Date: 04/01/2019

AO: Neverland – the New King of the Bluff

QIC: Tiger Lily

PAX: Altar Boy, Animal, Bad Credit, Bailout, Beauty Shop, Beef Log, Bob Ross, Bobsled, Bootheel, Choker, Chuck E. Cheese, Commie, Depends, Diplomat, El Bano, Flobee, Fugitive, Granola, Green Monster, G-String, Gus, Jasmine, Orange Julius, Passport, Phat Pat, Puck, Rabbit, Ragequit, Red Roofer, Shoestring, Short Timer, Sleep Number, Soulja Boy, The Dude, The Streak, Tree Hugger, Wall Builder, Woodpecker, Zima, FNG – Big Perm, FNG – Judge Judy and FNG – Spotify

THE SCENE:  Completely dark in the lower 50s and with too many PAX to stand in the parking lot and still have room to park so everyone gathered in the grassy area.




20 Daisy Pickers IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Arm Circles (forward and then backwards) IC


Misc Mile-ish:

Run a lap around Neverland (QIC was concerned at this time that the mumblechatter would result in the police being called but nothing happened)

15 burpees on your own

Run same lap

25 squats IC

Run a shorter lap

15 Merikans IC

Run a lap down the hill – PAX were directed to take it easy on the downhill and recover but push hard on the way back up the hill.

Group Therapy:

Split into 4 groups for two rounds of 4-Corners

Round 1: Corner #1) Burpees 10x as the timer and trigger, 2) Freddy Mercury’s AMRAP, 3) Lunges AMRAP and 4) LBC’s AMRAP.

Round 2: Corner #1) Burpees 10x as the timer and trigger, 2) Merkins AMRAP, 3) Planks and 4) Shoulder taps

Next up, groups 1 & 2 Bear Crawled across the field and ran back while 3 & 4 held a plank, then switched roles.  Rinse and repeat.


Nope – Had to start the COT early given the number of PAX present.


43 PAX, 3 FNGs (Welcome Big Perm, Spotify and Judge Judy)


YHC discussed Joy vs Happiness. Throughout life there are times when things go great it is easy to be happy, but joy comes in when things go bad. I fully believe that even when things are not going your way it is a choice to have joy through the situations. YHC’s challenge to all PAX is to find those moments and ensure that you have your joy during that time.

During the BOM, while discussion of Wall Builders baby almost here, The Streak let everyone know that his “pickle pounder” does not work that way.


Wow what a morning. It was an amazing effort by Zima and Choker to get everyone out there to take the King of the Bluff challenge. Thanks for everyone that posted, it was truely and honor and I am humbled to have been Q for this event. Let see everyone post out there regularly now.

The sobering thing that was mentioned by Choker was that many of the PAX were Kotters that simply reaching out to them and encouraging them to post was enough. Who in your circle hasn’t been there in a while that a strong EH will bring them back?

Overall the morning was amazing, after the workout so many men showed up to Crave for coffeeteria that even after a call ahead they still ran out of Nitro. If you did not get any be sure to show up for a Q from Bruce and stay for the Nitro. The time at Crave was great! Every PAX was fellowshipping and generally most were outside of their standard circle and getting to know new PAX. I do apologize to gentlemen that were sitting in the middle of the coffee shopping wanting to enjoy a quiet breakfast, maybe you should post instead next time.

Great work everyone and it was a real pleasure.


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