December 31, 2019

Son of a Bench on Christmas Eve at The Berm

Cold as in I need my sweatshirt not my sweatpants cold. Gonna get a little sharper today in the chill working together.
We greeted 9 PAX and then applied the lawyer-speak to them like some voodoo curse.
WARM-O-RAMA (Old Man Style):
  • SSH x 40 IC
  • Daisy pickers x 10 IC
  • Abe Vigotas x 10 IC
  • Michael Phelps OYO 1 min.
We moseyed up to the loop to run together the one-mile around the park. Along that mile, we stopped at each bench to do exercises in increasing rep increments of 5, starting with 5.
  • 5 8-count Body Builders OYO
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 15 Star Jacks OYO
  • 20 Bobby Hurleys OYO
  • 25 Alligator Merkins OYO
  • 30 dips OYO
  • 35 shoulder taps OYO
  • 40 Merkins OYO
  • 45 Apollo Ohnos OYO
  • 50 Plank Jacks OYO
  • 55 Back Plank seconds
  • 60 Daniel Sons OYO
  • 65 second rescue carry and back
  • 70 second Bear Crawl over Berm Hill
  • 75 Squats OYO
  • 80 SSH IC
Nope, we were out of time. But as we headed into STARTEX, Paper Trail says that we ought to call this workout the “Son of a Bench” workout and just like that…Son of a Bench was born at The Berm. Do a different exericse at each bench in increasing reps and you’ll have all of the PAX calling out Son of a Bench as well. Thank you, Paper Trail – well done.
9 PAX, Rabbit, Paper Trail, Snookie, Iceman, Tomb Raider, Laettner, Big Top, Evan Almighty, Yardsale
This workout’s COT had to do with visualizing the Christmas holiday you want to create with your family and then taking the steps to go out and create it each day. The men were saked to lay back on their on their sixes, close their eyes, and visualize the holiday they wanted to have. One that was defined by engagement with the people in your family, where your phone was put away, where you asked an older family member more stories about themselves, one where you could be helpful to your guests and your M in the planning and execution of the making all of the magical memories so you can feel all of the feels. Intentions. They usually start as something quite small but the impact they can have in your life as they become habit through repetition them can way for which you are looking.
Ruck Challenge ends on 12/31
Equinox starts on 1/1
Only one AO for Christmas Day
Convergence on New Year’s Day
Workout Date: