September 21, 2020

“Something attempted, something done”

We assembled in the gloom.


50 SSH
10 Daisy Pickers
10 Windmills


Bear crawl while dragging cmu from startex to the scoreboard behind the second baseball field.Β  That’s 290 yards if you go in a straight line, but the cmu trails showed that we were far from straight.Β  Somewhere around halfway, one of the cmu’s broke.Β  I’ve broken a few cmu’s in my F3 life, but never while dragging it through grass.Β  I thought maybe it was weak from previous use.Β  A little bit later I looked back to check on everyone and saw a cmu falling from around 8 feet in the air.Β  I couldn’t blame them at this point, and they were free to modify.Β  It was still too dark to see see who it was, but I’ll just say it was Big Easy.

We made it to the scoreboard with two cmu’s intact.Β  The original plan called for a bunch of turkish getups at this point, but the PAX and unknowingly avoided this by destroying the blocks.Β  Instead we rotated around the cmu’s and cmu fragment stacks and did 5 sets of:
10 curls
10 overhead cmu squats
10 overhead press
10 merkins

Crawled backwards with cmu toward ended, but didn’t make it before time.



Read “The Village Blacksmith” and talked briefly about integrity in work.

I enjoyed my visit to the Quad City.Β  Go check it out.





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