February 13, 2018

Something About Mary


THE SCENE: The Berm, 34F, Clear and quiet

20x SSH IC
10x Merkins IC
20x Imperial Walkers IC
10x Squats IC
10 Burpees OYO

Mosey once around parking lot back to start, up hill to field

All PAX getting ready for our VDay with Mary, but we didn’t plan ahead so time to get to it so she doesn’t find out we’ve been slacking.

Last-Minute Shopping – Don’t forget the coupon
13s with coupons.
Squats and Decline Merkins – 50 yards apart.
Start with 12 Decline Merkins, 1 Squat

Work to 1 Decline Merkin, 12 Squats

Forget your coupon and you pay full price. 20 merkins or squats.
No coupons were forgotten this day.

Carry coupons down to parking lot and circle up.

Ballet is Woman aka the Dirty Dancing Lift
Overhead Press w/ Coupons
PAX hold coupons overhead. Going around circle, each PAX completes one press and returns to holding coupon overhead until all have completed one press.
10 full rotations.

Rinse and repeat.

Hide That Coupon
Can’t let Mary see we’re using coupons for our date.

PAX all wall-sit holding coupons. PAX return coupons to storage one at a time and return to hold wall-sit until all in. Each PAX leaves once previous PAX gets to top of hill.

Mary’s Gotta Finish Getting Ready
After a brief 10-count rest, all PAX hold wall-sit while each completes 10-count until all have counted. Much mumblechatter about proper counting ensued.


MARY: Time for some quality time with our girl.

20x Flutter Kicks IC
15x Hello Dollies IC
10x Rosita IC
Dealer’s Choice (Thanks to all PAX for each contributing/leading at least one exercise)

Pickle Pounders
Mountain Climbers
Freddy Mercury’s
Hollywood Side Crunches
Gas Pumps
Jane Fonda’s, High Treason Position (Thanks Snookie)

8 PAX, no FNGs, Bruce, Shoestring, Snookie, Cataract, Houdini, Lipton, Commando, Big Al

When Joshua led the Hebrews into the Promised Land, God instructed him to set up an altar to remember that God kept His promise. Whenever God answers our prayers or walks us through trying times we should set up our own “altar” by finding a way to remember that God was faithful and He will continue to be.

MOLESKIN: PAX got after it this morning and made sure to complete Tha Thang as fast as possible to get as much time with Mary as we could.

Prayers lifted up for our fellow PAX (Soybean, Dirty Deeds, Phat Pat) and praise for Pirtle’s good report.