May 15, 2018

Someone found the exicon

THE SCENE:  After a record breaking high yesterday we were greeted with a beautiful 65 F – Clear and calm

Disclaimer was provided

Hill Billy’s IC X 15
Abe Vigodas IC X 15
Daisy Pickers IC X 15

Mosey to Swing set
Station 1 Inch Worm – Feet on swing hands on ground – Pike up X 10
Station 2 – Lunges X 20 each leg
Station 3 – Squats X 20
Station 4 – Doggie Paddle (Bird Dog) X 20 each leg/arm

Mosey to turf field side line (White line)

Weekend at Bernie’s – Partner drag to other white line and partner drags back
Fireman Carry switch partner at white line

Mosey to restroom building
Wall of fire
2 Pax at the same time perform:
10 Merkins
10 LBC’s
10 Burpees

Rest of the PAX is in wall sit till all have completed

MARY: (Please refer to Exicon for full explanation)
Sweat Angels IC X 10
Van Goghda IC X 10
Weezy Jefferson IC X 10 (moving on up)
Captain Thor OYO up to 5

10 PAX (0 FNG)

From Ecclesiastes  5 (The Futility of Life)
Life “Under the Sun” is meaningless
Men are evil – Even when God blesses men with riches, wealth and honor we are never satisfied with life under the sun.  Solomon says it is better for that unsatisfied man to have never been born.
Vs 7 says a man’s labor is for his mouth and yet the appetite is not satisfied.
Pay attention to what God has blessed you with.  You might not be satisfied with your car/house/wife etc.  What you have is what God has blessed you with.  He has given you exactly what you need.  The old saying “the grass is always greener…” Be content with what you have and thank God for the blessings he has given you.
What is not meaningless is the Life “Above the Sun”.  If you are on earth to serve Him then everything has meaning.

I spent about an hour studying the Exicon that can be found here.  So many choices to make life miserable.  It was good to see the HIM at the Lair this morning.  Thanks to C-Lo for trading licks (he Q’d yesterday at the Levee and I Q’d this morning at the Lair).  Snowman bringing it this morning coming of the IR (hip) he showed up for the Pre-Ruck as well as Boot camp.  He even dragged me and carried me (225 lbs).  He might be heading back to the IR but he didn’t quit and never complained.  T-Claps Brother.  I am not sure if anyone else got better today but I know I did.