January 30, 2018

Did Somebody Say BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?!?!

The Scene: The Lair

PAX: Rooster, Pops, Captain Obvious, Brady, Dodgeball, Nature Boy (Wooh!), Backseat, Woody, Recliner, Slicnut, C-Lo and O Positive;  + 2 FNG: Bocephus and Bombay

Conditions: 26 degrees and clear with 0 % chance of lightning




*YHC was celebrating his belated 47th Birthday with the PAX today since 1/22 was cancelled due to lightning…so…there was a theme and it looked a little something like…this:

  • Burpee x1 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x22 IC
  • Hillbilles x19 IC
  • SSH x 71 IC

*Lil’ mosey to the multi-purpose field

The Thang: Belated Birthday Beat Down

*PAX circled up into a large circle

*Every member of the PAX would have their opportunity to be the Birthday Q for 1 exercise because YHC wasn’t allowed to have his cupcake and eat it, too.  YHC was definitely excited to share with the PAX.

YHC demonstrated for the PAX that, one by one they would step into the center of the circle and reach into a cupcake box and pull out an exercise cleverly disguised as a cupcake…then recite what was written on the cupcake, call out the reps, name of the exercise and cadence or OYO.  YHC kicked the party off…then when he was finished as Q of his exercise he ran around the perimeter of the circle while the person in the circle to his immediate left went next as the Q.  At this point YHC rejoined the the circle at his starting point to complete the rest of the routine alongside the PAX.  The same procedure was followed until all 14 PAX got to ‘enjoy their cupcake’ and run around the circle.

Exercises were as follows:

*Burpees x10 OYO + SSH x10 IC + Body Builders x10 IC + Jump Squats x10 IC + Merkins x7 IC=47; led by YHC the Birthday Boy
*SSH x47 IC
*Plank (Right) Hand  Release x47 IC
*Cherry Pickers x47 IC
*Mountain Climbers x47 IC
*Squats x47 IC
*Shadow Box x47 seconds
*High Knees x47 IC
*Merkins x47 IC
*Overhead Press x47 IC
*SSH x47 IC
*Run In Place x47 IC
*LBC x47 OYO
*Up-Downs x47 OYO







YHC shared with the PAX that this year of his life has been immeasurably blessed on so many levels and that F3 Memphis has and continues to be one of the highlights of his past year.  Reminded the PAX to consider all the ways that F3 can enrich our lives as men-if we let it.


YHC was grateful for the outpouring of support, especially having such a strong showing from the Levee PAX to join the men of Collierville for this belated birthday party.  The energy was high and the party was rocking…until the Up-Downs. 2 more FNG’s posted.  Slowly but surely the Dragon is waking up in the 38017. #Acceleration

PAX prayers were lifted up.

8 PAX posted for some quality 2ndF for coffeeteria at the Levee Creamery.