March 28, 2018


THE SCENE:  63 and very wet

  • I’m not a professional
  • I’m not paid and you are not paying
  • Exercises are suggestions
  • Know your limits but push yourself & modify as needed


  • Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
  • Slow Squats x 15 IC (4 count)
  • Abe Vigodas x 15 IC
  • SSH x 25 IC

Mosey long way around high school (gate was locked) to football field

B.O.M.B.S. – Partner Up – P1 performs exercise while P2 runs to 50 then runs backwards to goal line.  Hold Al Gore/Plank/anything till all in after each exercise.

  • Burpees x 50
  • Overhead claps x 100
  • Merkins x 150
  • BBSU x 200
  • Squats x 250

Mosey around stadium back to the flag for Mary


  • LBCs x 15 IC
  • Nolan Ryans x 5 IC (each side)

14 PAX (0 FNGs) – Moneybags, Slicnut, Backseat, Pops, Rabbit, Zima, Wide Right, Bombay, Nature Boy, Woody, Captain Obvious, Choker, Gus, Snowman (QIC)
YHC read a passage from Ecclesiastes 9 with special meaning to me.  Leading a life of Purpose and Perseverance is a not possible without trust in the lord and knowing many of life’s obstacles are out of our control.

YHC reflected on a point from Freed to Lead that hit home.  Entering the 3rd quarter of life is many times the deciding point.  It is when a man decides to live life with purpose or continue down the same stale path that leads nowhere.  It certainly was a decision for this dude.  Thankful for F3.  Considering where my health was before my 1st post, it may have saved my life.

YHC thanked the PAX for continually pushing him, calling him out, and encouraging him.  This is what a man needs, it’s why we don’t quit on each other,  and why this thing is so special.

It was awesome to be able to give back to the PAX who have led me thus far and look forward to Qing more.

YHC is the worst runner in the history of running- so the locked gate at the east side of the football field was a heck of a curveball.   YHC was suckin wind by the time we made it around the high school to the field and had a hard time instructing the PAX.  Many rookie mistakes were made, but there will be many more chances to correct them.
Pops won the wet t-shirt contest.

Apparently Gus be will doing a ton of Burpees if we all get out of the fartsack Monday.