December 31, 2020

Soft and Wet

Seriously? This is fartsack weather for most. But two of us had brand new sandbags and the other 3 are just badasses.


Yes. However, a group of current and former AOQs should know this by now. 

Rucks off.

SSH IC x 20

Arm Cirlces Forward/backward IC x 10 each direction

Mosey (this is where a PAX noticed that Bandwagon didn’t show…)

Tempo Squat IC x 10

Move to open portion of parking lot just north of our trucks and SUVs. 

Ruck up. Line up. Sandbag in front of you (Roots with a borrowed ruck and a CMU).

Work would be performed at 3 stations: under light pole 1, half way to light pole across the parking spots, and then under the opposing light pole.

4 exercises, 10 reps each

Bent over Row



OH Press

Method of Transportation between stations:

Clean and toss sandbag – lunge walk with CMU

Carry weight back to starting point. Repeat.

After completing 2 full sets, drop weight. Mosey around parking lot. Pick up weight. Repeat mosey with weight.

Return to light pole 1. Perform exercises again.

Did my best to find a dry spot near flag. No go. Informed PAX we could probably perform Mary without getting on our backs.

Mtn Climbers IC x 20

Dealer’s Choice to Steinbrenner (should have known better) – Hello Dolly with a normal cadence, to a super slow cadence – Additionally, there was a lot of groaning when he called the movement. He quickly advised everyone to “get on your f*@^ing asses… you’re already wet!”

Plank until time (Steinbrenner might have been the only PAX with a watch as I failed to put mine on before leaving the house).

5: Boudreaux (Levee Monday AOQ), Nature Boy (Former AOQ/1st F Q), Roots (AOQ), Steinbrenner (Former AOQ), Slater (QIC and Quad City AOQ)

Reading The Road Back to You, which is a basic walk through the Enneagram. The point of this book is to help you know yourself better so that you can know God better and so that you can more easily relate to others. It is very easy to dismiss others who are different than you when you don’t like how they act. But why do they act that way? What is it about their personality that makes them unique and causes them to react in certain ways? Is it always wrong when they don’t act the way YOU want them to? We should strive to know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses and to know how and why others behave the way they do. It might just cause us to have more grace and compassion toward others. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, not just when it is easy or convenient, but all of the time. Yes, even when it isn’t going to be seen by many or posted on social media.

This was my first time posting at the Armory. Once I saw the weather forecast, I was both happy and a little upset that I was on Q. It meant I HAD to be there. Posting in this type of weather is miserable, but afterward, is always fun to look back on.

Boudreaux and I met up yesterday to fill our sandbags. We didn’t weigh them upon “completion” and I am positive mine is not 60#. Nature Boy likely has MORE than 60# in his. Doing rucked work with sandbags was much more fun than I thought it would be. Even in the rain. 

Roots informed us that this was his first workout with a ruck! Welcome to the not so exclusive club. Roots and Steinbrenner took turns switching with the CMU and sandbag.

We spoke of the female that completed Pre-Selection and we all agreed that women are tougher than men. Steinbrenner announced that if his wife were larger, she’d whoop all our asses. We agreed. We are soft.

Lots of talk about sacks and bags. Steinbrenner likes to have fun. Nature Boy announced his departure by saying that he was soft and wet without realizing what he said, until he did.

New Year’s Day Convergence at Mothership

KOTB – Burritos at Quad City 1/4 – what else do you need to know?

Bauer – Jan 15/16

Workout Date: