September 18, 2020

So 30 it is.

Excellent cool Gloom.



10 Arm Circles IC (each direction)

10 Slow Squats

30 sec Stretch OYO

Inspired by Beauty Shop’s Barracks Q on Wednesday

Leg Day Trivia

PAX were encouraged to bring weight (ruck, CMU, or 90lbs sandbag as it were)

While rucking around the park the PAX stopped every 60 seconds for a 90s Trivia Question.  During each stop a PAX was chosen to select a category from the trivia card (movies, music, tv, sports, or culture).  If the selected PAX got it correct 10 reps of an exercise, incorrect responses were offered up the remaining PAX for 20 reps of the exercise, and if no correct response was given 30 reps of the exercise.  Exercises included: squats, heel raises, and lunges.

I’d like to say the PAX did amazing, but we did lots of 30 reps.  Lets see how you would have faired, here were the questions asked:

  • Grunge music boosted the popularity of what type of shirt?  (A: Flannel)
  • Name one of the jobs Dharma had on Dharma and Greg. (A: Yoga instructor, dog trainer)
  • During the 92-93 NHL season, what rookie scored a record of 76 goals? (A: Teemu Selanne)
  • What effect did Fox add to hockey games that it televised in 1994? (A: they highlighted the puck on-screen)
  • The hip hop apparel company FUBU was founded in 1992 in NY.  What is FUBU an acronym for? (A: For Us By Us)
  • What movie features a rug that “really tied the room together”? (A: The Big Lebowski)
  • What movie earned Steven Spielberg his first Oscar? (A: Schindler’s List)
  • What popular stuffed animal entered the market in 1993 and became a collectible craze? (A: Beanie Babies)
  • What 15-year-old won a gold medal in figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano? (A: Tara Lipinski)
  • What Sesame Street character caused a shopping furor during Christmas of 1996? (A: Tickle Me Elmo)
  • Who played head nurse Valerie in Girl, Interrupted? (A: Whoopi Goldberg)
  • What profession is Martin Blank – played by John Cusack – In Grosse Pointe Blank? (A: Hitman)


None, finished last rep right at 6:15.

5 PAX: Speedy, Grimace, Logger, DHL, and Bootheel

Managed to injure my wrist this week, so was left with the option to Modify As Needed.  In the past this would have been a great time to just sit it out and avoid my own mental games of making excuses or assuming what others might be thinking.  Instead, prayed and pushed passed the urge to not show up or ask someone else to cover the Q I signed up for.  Better Modify as Needed instead of giving up.

Thanks Beauty Shop for the Q idea.  A few changes I will make for next time: 90sec-2min movement times instead of 1min.  And hopefully next time will not be injured so will add some different exercises into the mix.

Not your mom, read the pre-blast.

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