February 17, 2021

Snow Balls

Beautiful. I’m disoriented by the snow. Feels like we’re out West. YHC scoped out the scene and shoveled a snowball fight arena on the pickle ball coliseum. Cheez and Hobo ran up on us and the PAX assembled at Startex.


No FNGs. They knew what they were getting in to.

52 SSH (IC)

Run to bike storage bars

16 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Run to Startex

14 Hillbillys (IC)

Run to bike storage bars

11 Merkins (IC)

Run to bike storage bars

26 Air Squats (IC)



8-Count Body Builder Builders

PAX perform eight 8-count body builders

  • For each repetition, perform as many sub-repetitions for each element of the body builder
  • ex. repetition 6 is 6 merkins, 6 jacks, 6 groiners, 6 jump squats

Mosey to startex

Groups of 3 with one Sandbag per group

1st PAX performed Thrusters while 2 and 3 lunge walked to light fixture and back


Instead of two lunge walkers, we implemented XC Skiers for the 3rd exercise


Mosey with Sandbags to pickleball field

Prepped for battle with groups of 4 and 5

  • one PAX made 6 snowballs while the rest did Air Squats or Polar Bear Hug squats with Sandbag
  • Rotate until all made snowballs


  • If you got hit, 5 Burpees at fence
  • If you missed, 5 Burpees at fence
  • payment increases to 10 part of the way through it

Mosey to baseball courts

  • from behind home plate, run to outside of left field corner, 10 Bonnie Blair’s (2 is 1)
  • continue around outside of field to right field corner, 10 Bonnie Blair’s (2 is 1)
  • continue to home plate
  • rinse and repeat

Mosey to Startex

Held plank until time


Consider what you can do TODAY to show love toward your M, shorty, parents, etc. What’s the ONE thing you can do TODAY. I am often concerned with how I am doing, what I need and want that I neglect my wife. So, I told the guys I would stop by Starbucks on the way home to pick up my wife’s favorite drink.

I allowed the PAX a moment of silence to consider what they could do today.

We prayed for a little preschooler who had open-heart surgery. We also prayed for the family who lost their 9-year-old son in an accident.

I usually have nightmares before my Qs. I woke up wicked early with my heart beating out of my chest and hard a hard time getting back to sleep. There were several times during the workout that I had to check my weinke and even when I checked, I didn’t check well enough and moved on before we had done a few exercises I had planned. I also had a hard time thinking on the spot this morning. Sleep is essential.

The 8-Count Body Builder Builders were a hit and I loved them. They were tough.

Snowball fight lacked the enthusiasm I hoped for, but it was fun to take a couple shots and we got to do burpees. YOLO.

The laps around the baseball pitch gassed me. The Bonnie Blair’s didn’t help. I forget just how much running can require of you, especially in the pow pow.

All in all, a fun workout. Could’ve been tougher with more gallivanting through the snow.

I failed to promote GrowRuck events coming up. San Antonio April 10, St. Louis in July.

Ricky Bobby
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