July 29, 2018

Smoking Guns & Wheels of Steel

THE SCENE:   AO: Neverland

72 degrees and 100,000% humidity. It started to drizzle on us halfway through the workout, finally and definitively answering the age old question. Yes, water can get wet.

YHC arrived at 0515 to scope out the famed “Playground of Dreams” (which was pretty legit) and to do some stretching and pre-warmup warmup. Not gonna lie. This week trashed YHCs shoulders and legs so I’ve been a little nervous about this mornings thang.

YHC, for one, is ecstatic that it is dark in the gloom again! Just the way SkyQ intended it. With that said, headlamps are a good idea at the shiniest AO in the region.

Some of the PAX were trickling in at the last minute (no names named but some of them rhyme with soybean, wall builder, and smee) which caused YHC to yell out loud “ONE MINUTE”. That earned YHC a verbal smackdown from the Zima for nearly blasting all of the surrounding fartsackers out of a sound sleep. Understandable. these people are his neighbors so he HAAASS to care.???? Cobains.


1 FNG so, yeah. Did it.

– SSH 20IC
– Butt Kickers 30sec
– Daisy Pickers 15IC
– Big Ole Arm Circles 10IC/reverse
– Chest Stretch
– Run in place w/ High Knees 60sec


The PAX started out at the far end of the parking lot near the restrooms since it was the only lit spot within a hundred miles.

Part 1: Chest/Tris/Legs

PAX performed the following circuits in succession breaking in between for a 100 yard mosey with CMUs in hand.

20 Incline Merkins
20 Narrow Squats (feet slightly less than shoulder width apart)
20 CMU Curls
Hold CMU overhead until all in.

20 Derkins
20 Wide Squats
20 CMU Curls
CMU overhead

20 merkins
**Single Leg Bench Squats 10 per leg**
20 CMU Curls
CMU overhead

20 Wide Grip Merkins
+Drinking Bird 10 per leg+
20 CMU Curls
CMU overhead

20 Diamond Merkins
Single Leg Baby Makers 20 per leg
20 CMU Curls
CMU overhead

20 Extended Merkins
20 Calf Jumps/20 sec rest/20 Calf Jumps
20 CMU Curls
CMU Overhead

Part 2: Back/Bis/Abs

PAX grabbed their CMUs and moseyed over to the the swings and monkey bars and partnered up.

Partner one: 5 pull-ups
partner two: AMRAP flutter kicks

Partner two: 20 swing rows
Partner to: hold plank

Partner one: 20 CMU Rows
Partner two: AMRAP Flutter Kicks

All PAX together performed a modified Superman-10IC w/5sec hold at the top.


Reverse crunch  15IC
Crunch 25IC
Flutter kicks 20IC
???????? ???? 20IC

Zima, Phat Pat, Smee, Wall Builder, Gilligan, Soybean, Soulja Boy, Flobee, Whitecastle, Megablock (FNG)

Psalms 139:23-24
Search me, O God, and know my heart!
Try me and know my thoughts!
And see if there be any grievous way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting!

Over time unchecked sin numbs the believers heart to the concept of Gods holiness and where we stand as sinners before Him.

When we lose sight of Gods holiness we become ok with our sin and continue to spiral down and we end up replacing Christ on the throne of our hearts with the sin we chose over Him.

The Gospel loses its beauty and spiritual growth halts.

Callenge to the PAX: Recognize and and confess and get rid of the things in your lives that you value over Christ.

**With arms straight out and one foot off the ground slowly sit down on CMU then stand back up using only one leg.

+With arms straight out and one leg off the ground slowly bend over until upper body and lifted leg are parallel to the ground then slowly return to ready position.

GrowRuck Sim tomorrow at 0300. Don’t miss it!