January 4, 2018

Small Ball at the Berm

Hyperbolic Intro: Wednesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for YHC. First, I missed seeing my brothers in the gloom in order to smartsack – probably much needed rest, but not satisfying. TPS reports consumed the rest of the day, and I got home just in time to let the M go to a meeting. Dirty diapers and crying commenced. Once the 2.0s were in bed, I committed to a 0420 ruck time, because 1,000 miles aren’t going to ruck themselves. Next, YHC finished off his Weinke for the Berm, talked to the M for a few minutes when she returned, then hit the sack. 

But I never fell asleep. Maybe at 0300 for 52 minutes before the alarm, but maybe not. It may have been the coffee YHC consumed at 2pm. May have been YHC’s pre-Q anxiety about sleeping through the alarm and letting down a guy who HC’d to ruck with me at 4:20 AM (there needs to be a lexicon term for this!). 

And that’s the point. YHC missed a lot of needed sleep. Sad Clown YHC would have tried to sleep until 8, go into work late, and been miserable. WasNow YHC got up when he was supposed to because that’s what he committed to do. Men should do things. Hard things. And when you commit to do things, you better show up. F3 has provided the accountability I need to follow-through on that kind of commitment. No way I’d get up and go ruck alone or go to a gym alone to jog next to a fern. 

F3’s mission is to invigorate male community leadership. A big part of leadership is making commitments and following through on them. Treat the Daily Red Pill as a training ground for exercising your commitment. If you get better at not letting the PAX down by posting when you say you’ll post, you’ll get better at not letting your wife or boss or neighbor down.  

AO: The Berm

QIC: Soybean

PAX: Cataract, Handsy, Shoestring (rucker), Toms (rucker), Snookie, Teacher’s Pet, (Gus rucked then bailed to Q at the Lair fka SJ)

Conditions: ~20 degrees with a mean breeze

PAX were welcomed, disclaimer was disclaimed

SSH IC x39 increasing speed
Nancy Kerigans IC x10 on right leg, fwd and reverse
Abe Vigodas IC x10
Nancy Kericans IC x10 left leg
Overhead claps IC x10
Cross-arm stretch

The Thang: 

Bernie Sanders up the berm to gather coupons. YHC immediately fell down, recovered, and fell down again. Great way to start the morning! (jk the morning had already been startened because YHC started rucking at 0420!)

Mosey to the baseball field where the real fun began. 

YHC loves baseball, especially the eleven-time World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Pitchers and catchers report soon, so we got in the spirit by splitting into positions. YHC started as a long Catcher. then 2 PAX each were at 1B, 2B, and 3B. 

Round 1:
Catcher: 15 burpees
1B: AMRAP merkins
2B: AMRAP block swings [we should be doing more of these!]
3B: AMRAP squats

Catcher did 15 burpees, then relived 1B, who then relieved 2B, etc.

Round 2:
Catcher: 15 burpees
1B: AMRAP skull crushers
2B: AMRAP mountain climbers [the worst!]
3B: AMRAP curls

Mosey across the park to the pull-up bars near the entrance. 

Round 3: 
Catcher: 20 alternating step-ups (20 each leg)
1B: AMRAP dips
2B: AMRAP pull-ups/flexed hangs
3B: AMRAP chest presses

Lunge walk up driveway, then Cusack mosey to return the coupons to their nest. 

3 Minutes of Mary:
LBCs, Hello Dolly!, Baby Makers


COT / BOM: What kind of legacy are you trying to build – something real and lasting (values, beliefs, worldview), or something shallow and fleeting (social media presence, importance at work, fantasy baseball titles (!) etc)?  

Prayers for a sad clown in the Berm neighborhood who’s really struggling.

Moleskin: Seven men forsook the fartsack to score with their pavers. There’s no better way to start a Thursday. 

Current jams: 1, 2, 3