December 17, 2018

Slip Sliding after an IUF

THE SCENE:  Not as gloomy as expected.  54 degrees and no rain.  The ground was just soggy enough to provide adequate sliding in our sprints.


Done x 2

SSH x 25 IC; Arm Circles x 15 IC each arm; Windmills x 15 IC

9 PAX counted off.  In order, each PAX called an excercise then threw an illuminated ultimate frisbee “IUF” as far as possible.  Once it landed, QIC called “Go!” and PAX sprinted to said IUF.  QIC counted seconds until last PAX arrived at the IUF.  If less than 30 yards, a bear crawl occurred in lieu of sprint.  If less than 15 yards, a crab walk occurred.  Excercises varied as we went 2.5-3 rounds.  Reps of burpees, body builders, squats, LBCs, leg swings, merkins, etc varied from 8 – 26 count.

No time for Mary…but Mary was found throughout the workout

9 PAX (O FNGs) – Speedy, Slots, Boba Fett, Interweb, PhotoShop, Grimace, Cowbell, ThirdWheel; Bailout

YHC is a father of 5 and over the past few weeks have been able to experience quite a bit of one on one time with my eldest.  This 17-yr old is planning life.  He will be spending his next year abroad doing mission work and is considering college/career options.  I have been asked hard questions in these talks and have been able to provide some advice that was requested instead of being pushed down on the son.

These conversations remind me of the importance of one on one time with each child, and from the son’s perspective, that he values the one on one time.

It also reminds me that we MUST spend one on one time with our heavenly father.  We must dive into the Word, spend time in prayer and time in worship.

This was a fun workout.  We worked hard…there was sweat, tons of mumblechatter, and some ribbing based on frisbee throwing abilities.  Overall, a workout that YHC will plan to lead again.

Reminders of Whetstone.