October 18, 2019

Slide around the ANNEX

THE SCENE: 44º = clearly we have reached shorts+ weather. PLC was officially too cold to stand around in just one layer. Pack another layer to fully enjoy nanners next time. But what a fantastic sunrise!
2 times, 2 times.  

A very standard warmup: SSH, Arm Circles, Daisy Pickers, Hillbillies, Imperial walkers. With bodies warmed, we went to work.
We mosied to the playground to start our “slide around the park”. Remember, “always slide when you are at the playground”. Also note, first person to slide will enjoy the rest of the BC with wet shorts.

4 corner Slide around the ANNEX x3:
Station 1 = Sidewalk 5 Burpees
Station 2 = Park Entrance 10 Merkins
Station 3 = Porch 15 squats
Station 4 = Playground 20 SSH (go down the slide when done)
This took much longer than YHQ anticipated so we moved on to more fun after 3 laps.

Oh yeah, we did calf raises till all in. Bad idea – don’t do that.

Mt. Martin Lutheren 11’s:
You know the drill. Merkins at the top, Squats at the bottom of Cordova’s biggest little reformation hill. YHQ appologized to the Pax for not making the mode of travel Bear Crawls. I could feel the PAX oozing dissapointment.

Another poor decision by YHQ. I gave Mary to young Gomer who, for some unknown reason, decided to do American hammers until mighty Tremor flinched. The number was scary high and great birthing sounds could be heard in all the land for several minutes (I have no idea how many were actually done – Yes YHQ threw gloves at Gomer). Thankfully the bell rang as we were only a minute into Freddie Mercurys. So that was slightly less horrible.
17 KOTB (again) Speedy AOQ, IceBerg, Tremor, DHL, Gomer, Lager, Gun Show QIC.
Use the packing list when it is given to you. Follow instructions.
Keep extended family of Bailout/CharlesECheese/daDude/ElBano in prayers for travel and health.
Wet shorts are great when training for Selection in sunny Florida but horrible in 40º Memphis.
Slots will be missed. Most of the PAX at the Annex today never worked out while he was AOQ… but the Annex and F3Memphis have greately benefited from his time here. A true HIM.
Granola is doing some good ramp up training for the upcomming Grolick event HC in the rucker channel. Next three Saturdays 0300-0830. HC in the #goruck-veterans-day channel by 2000 Friday to make it happen. Open to ALL PAX.