April 22, 2019


THE SCENE: 56 degrees with a slight breeze.

welcomed the disclaimed.

•25 four count flutter kicks.

•15 daisy pickers.

•15 imperial walkers.

•30 second mid-plank (basically like holding a plank that’s halfway down into a merkin).

•20 second mid-plank.

•everyone lines up and takes turns swinging the sledge hammer at the block of wood I brought. Those not swinging (only one sledge hammer was brought so one person at a time) had to do high knees until their turn came.

•rinse and repeat with the exception being that burpees were done instead of high knees.

•I had two 25 pound weights waiting for us. One PAX would pick both up and carry/run with them to some cones I set up at a distance of 20 meters, then come back. Those not carrying the weights did high knees.

•rinse and repeat except we did burpees instead high knees for round two.

•back to swinging the sledge hammer. Those not swinging had to do jumping squats.

•back to the weights. Those not carrying the weights had to hold the mid-plank.

•pair up. One pair sprints 100 meters followed by 5 burpees then the 100 meter sprint back. The other pair had to do merkins until the runners got back. Then the pairs swapped roles.

•rinse and repeat except LBCs were done instead of merkins.

•The PAX then did 60 meter fireman carries. One partner would carry his buddy 60 meters then they’d swap out, this was done until both members of the pair had carried each other twice.

•50 four count flutter kicks followed by a 20 meter sprint to some cones and the 20 meter sprint back.

•50 squats followed by a 60 meter sprint and the 60 meter sprint back.

•all the PAX got on their six, with their backs against each other and passed two 25 pound weights for two minutes.
Four PAX.

Sleep Number, Orange Julias, Woodpecker and Commie.
Choice. It’s a big word as in the context behind it. We choose when to sleep, eat, who to be friends with, where to work etc.

But there is also the mental factor. We choose to quit, tap out, keep going, to think. We choose to love and invest. If we do all that than we must also choose to care. About anything and everything. Because that’s how God intended it to be. For us to choose.

We make bad choices or even avoid them for whatever self motivated reasons. But it always comes back to the individual. The individual makes the choice. The choice to keep going or to quit, to love or hate or care. To invest or breakdown, it always comes back to you, the individual. We choose to better or lessen ourselves.

So I just want to challenge y’all to choose to better yourself somehow. Also to choose to better/help someone as often as you can.
Swinging a sledge hammer is really fun. OJ visualized the 2X4 block as diabetes, it got real after that.
Nothing to see here.