November 7, 2019

Six for a Soggy Snookie

THE SCENE: Fifties and wet
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: The PAX were disclaimed

Squats while we waited for a few stragglers.


1 mile run clockwise around the track (10:00 minute pace)

Dealer’s Choice Mary Exercises:

  • Snookie: 50 IC LBCs
  • Lipton: 10 IC Box Cutters, 10 IC Reverse Box Cutters
  • Hot-N-Ready:  Shouldn’t have waited till the evening to write this down
  • Little John: 1 minute High Plank
  • Paper Trail: 15 IC American Hammers
  • Happy Meal: 10 IC Mountain Climbers
  • Snookie: 1 minute leg hold (six inches)

Another mile run counter clockwise around the track. Sprints up hills. Indian Run the last half mile back.


More LBCs, low plank


6: Happy Meal, Hot-N-Ready, Lipton, Little John, Paper Trail, Snookie


Paul encourages the Philippians to  be pure and blameless. In the Greek, the term blameless meant “not to cause another to stumble.” Let our lives be such as no one can ever say that its our fault they sinned.

Very encouraged that six guys showed up on a cold rainy morning. Was wondering it it was just gonna be me and Lipton.

Thanksgiving Convergence at Bermuda Triangle, maybe, detail forthcoming