August 28, 2020

Singin’ in the Rain with Laura

THE SCENE: There was still no rain at 5:25. To a man, as they all walked up to the shovel flag, everyone said something to the tune of, “I had myself psyched up to workout in the pouring rain. I’m a little disappointed.” But we did not stay disappointed for long.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: “I am not a professional. This is dumb. Nobody in their right mind would show up at 5:30 in the morning to do burpees in a hurricane, but that’s what we are about to do. Do not hurt yourself.”

WARM-O-RAMA:   Motivators, down from 6
THA-THANG:  Objective:  8 exercises, 100 reps each in 40 minutes

Execution: 1 minute time hacks to (perform two exercises, 10 reps each) rinse and repeat on the minute for 10 minutes.  Each round repeated with two new exercises for 10 minute sets.

Ist Round, 10 reps of Burpees and LBCs per minute for 10 minutes.

2nd Round, 10 reps of 4-count Monkey Humpers and American Hammers (2=1) per minute for 10 minutes.

3rd Round, 10 reps of Merkins and Flutter Kicks (4=1) per minute for 10 minutes.

4rth Round, 10 reps of Jump Squats and Mt. Climbers (4=1) per minute for 10 minutes.

MARY:    At the end of the 4th round, we had ~45 seconds left. Mohawk was given a choice between hurricane burpees or sprints. He chose burpees.

10 OYO

6 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Eagle (AOQ), Mohawk, Toucan, Beef Log, Squatter

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Push yourself, and by extension, everyone around you. IronPax starts up next week, for real, and there is pushback from a lot of PAX both here and throughout F3 nation, because they believe the competitive nature of the challenge violates the idea of “no man left behind.” I would argue it is exactly the opposite. Push yourself to give everything you have in each of the four workouts, and the men around you will take notice, and push themselves accordingly. Push yourself to catch the man right in front of you, and know that the man behind you is pushing himself to catch you.

What I saw from the men at the week 0 workout at Blazing Saddle on Wednesday is exactly what IronPax and F3 are about. The guys that finished the workout first jumped back in, and ran the final 400m with the PAX coming in behind them. No man left behind, and I can assure that everyone left there better than what they were when they showed up.

That is my challenge to everyone in F3 Memphis. Sign up for the challenge, pick a day to do the workout, and get out there and push someone to work as hard as you are. If you do that, and leave each workout knowing you pushed yourself to the max, then where you fall in the overall rankings is just the icing on the cake.

MOLES KIN:  Spirit Stick and I were both on Q today ~25 apart, and wanting something to properly take advantage of the looming weather we would likely be enjoying in the gloom. Cheezsteak brought this beauty to our attention that Tomb Raider Qed at the Levee last year in a rainstorm. 100 burpees and LBCs in the mud in the first ten minutes? I’m in.

It was very windy at 5:30, but the rain did not join us for another 15 minutes. Laura quickly made up for lost time, and we spent the last 15 minutes in a driving rain.

Playlist: 1) “Rock You Like a Hurricane” -Scorpion  2) “Fool in the Rain” -Led Zepplin  3) “Kentucky Rain” -Elvis  4) “It’s Raining Men” -The Weather Girls  5) “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” -CCR  6) “Purple Rain” -Dwight Yoakam (only free version of Prince on Amazon was 10+ minutes)  7) “Singin’ in the Rain” -Gene Kelly  8) “Here Comes the Rain Again” -Eurythmics  9) “Hurricane” -Bob Dylan  10) “No Rain” -Blind Melon

Appreciate the Neverland guys having me out, and look forward to getting out there to post with them again!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  CSAUP is tomorrow at Johnson Road Park in Germantown. Signup Link is in the Announcements channel.

First official week of IronPax is next week. Workout will be posted Sunday night.

Workout Date: