November 28, 2017

Short Card Q-icide at the Berm

AO: The Berm

QIC: Soybean

PAX: Teacher’s Pet, Commando, Snookie, Mama’s Boy, Shoestring, Matlock (visitor from Greenville, NC), Ozark, Bruce, Toms, Tiny, Lipton, Cataract (13 total)

Conditions: ~43 degrees and dry

PAX were welcomed. Disclaimer was disclaimed.

SSH x15
Imp Walkers x15
Windmills x15
Arm circles x10 forward and back

The Thang: 

At Growruck 05, 68 men endured ~15 miles in 14+ hours with PT work in the mud, cumbersome logs, and an Army physical fitness test mixed in. We got back to our starting point, and we were all thinking it was over. Cadre Flash, Marine Corps vet, then told us that we were going to do the Marine Recon Short Card – some miserable workout that Marines would supposedly do on tiny boats in silence. In his words, we all made “poopy faces,” and there were surely many curses uttered. Well, turns out it was a cruel joke, and we got patched (after learning how to remove our rucks the right way). Since we missed out on the Short Card that fateful day, YHC decided to pull it this morning.

This is slightly modified. The Short Card exercises are typically performed in quick succession, making it a great workout if you’re traveling or can’t otherwise get to F3. There is also a Long Card. You can get them both here.

We moved up to the track and commenced Short Carding.

1. 30 Merkins IC (if memory serves, we did 20 because YHC inadvertently changed his voice due to straining and exhaustion)
2. 30 Squats IC
3. 30 LBCs IC
4. 10 Burpees OYO
5. 10 Windmills IC
6. 30 Merkins IC
7. 30 Mountain climbers IC
8. 30 Flutter kicks IC
9. 10 Burpees OYO
10. 10 Cotton pickers (4-count) IC (subbed for “cherry pickers” because this is the South)
11. 30 Merkins IC
12. 30 SSH IC
13. 30 Supermans IC
14. 10 Burpees OYO
15. 15 American Hammers IC (subbed for “chain breakers” because what is that?)
16. 30 Merkins IC
17. 30 Lunges IC
18. 30 Hello dollies IC
19. 10 Burpees OYO
20. 10 WWI sit-ups
21. 3 Max sets of pull-ups/hangs (PAX partnered up, P1 squats while P2 does pull-ups – all PAX did 3 sets of pull-ups)

Time moves slow when you’re having fun, so we did a short Indian run to the soccer field. YHC knew the Short Card was over, but no one else did. So…

10 Burpees OYO
30 Merkins IC

Pickle pounders IC x10
Baby makers IC x20
James Bonds – Center 10 sec, rotate Left 10 sec, rotate Right 10 sec (this is probably good way to work one’s core; it is definitely a good way to induce quad cramps)
YHC needed one last exercise. In order to avoid ABCs, YHC purposely looked over Shoestring and called on Snookie. Naturally, Snookie called ABCs.





ABCs IC (Snookie)
Mosey back to parking lot


COT / BOM: YHC shared Jeremiah 3:12-14, which says:
“Go, and proclaim these words toward the north, and say,
“”Return, faithless Israel, declares the LORD.
I will not look on you in anger, for I am merciful, declares the LORD;
I will not be angry forever.
Only acknowledge your guilt, that you rebelled against the LORD your God
and scattered your favors among foreigners under every green tree,
and that you have not obeyed my voice, declares the LORD.
Return, O faithless children, declares the LORD;
for I am your master; I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.””

YHC was encouraged by God’s mercy and grace towards those who turn to him. “I will not look on you in anger, for I am merciful.” YHC encouraged all to seek God even in your failures, and that in Him you’ll find forgiveness and a lasting home.

Prayers were lifted for Ozark’s wife, Tiny’s mom, Tom’s family, and Shoestring’s family in Puerto Rico.

Moleskin: The Short Card was no joke. YHC is relatively weak and slow, so the running and merkins nearly did me in. YHC was encouraged by the grunts, moans, and complaints of others (especially Toms’). YHC will continue to stretch the mantra “If you can’t do it, you can’t Q it” to the breaking point.