June 11, 2019

Shorn grass, wet Brooks, and 11’s

THE SCENE: The morning dew glistened off of the newly uncovered lacrosse balls in the pre-dawn gloom of the Berm fields.  Our Nantan’s mowed scalp matched that of the lawns.  Perfect temp’s for the 1st F.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed, alas, but not enough to prevent being sued in our United States of America.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Conestoga Wagon Warm-o-rama (aka longest warm-up ever!) ; 1 PAX runs a lap around the center while the remainder do work switching out to the man on his left upon return. Tempo Squats x 30 IC, Tempo Merkins x 30 IC, BBSUs x 20 IC, SSHs x 30 IC, IW x 30 IC, Mt. Climbers x 30 IC, Wall Sits (1 min.), Al Gore (1 min.), Balls to the Wall (1 min.)

  • 11’s on the lacrosse field.  Burpkins and BBSUs (2 =1)

50 yd ‘sprint’ in between.  Totals: 55 Burpees, 55 Merkins, 110 BBSUs

  • Monkey Bars; 1 PAX goes hand over hand through while the rest do AMRAP LBCs until all in.

MARY:  no time, we honored the aps and the core throughout.
11 PAX (1 FNG) 2 Irish Goodbyes;  Soybean, Snookie, Lipton, Laettner, El Bano, Bailout, Jail Bait, Relief, Searcy, Flat Tire, Tomb Raider

We need each other to make us better HIM.  Throughout the 11’s I tried to keep up with Jailbate who ‘intentionally’ paused in the transitions so that I could keep pace with him.  Upon completion he jumped back into it with his friend Drew (Relief) to carry him home on his last few sets.  This inspired me to jump in with Flatire on his last few.  The rest of the PAX perfomred flutter kicks in cadence as they waited on us.


How we love the 6 is a direct reflection of our heart and our faith.  Choose to be in community.  Choose a community that accelerates you.

Meant to be a traditional simple q that completely smoked me and hopefully pushed us all.  Good 2nd F after also.  A perfect morning for all three F’s.  The weather really doesn’t get much better than this.
El Bano and his fiance leave for Tanzania today for a year.  Please pray for them as they live out the Great Commission someplace else.  Rabbit’s M has an ear infection while very pregnant, please pray for her.  Also, Squeegee is in the VA recovering, maybe we could visit him?  Prayers and assistance for those flooded out in Germantown.  Q slots open at the Berm next week M, W, TR.