January 23, 2019

Shop Vacs and Soul

THE SCENE: 51 Degrees, raining….we got wet.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   Check. In addition to the disclaimer, YHC told PAX they would get wet.

To appease PAX, YHC began Warm-O-Rama in the Pavilion.

All exercises IC unless noted: SSH-50, Hillbillies – 20, LBAC – 20, Windmills – 15, (OYO) Monkey Humpers – 20, (OYO) Burpees 25

Buttkickers to the arch, then mosey through the Old Forest. Repeat back to parking lot.


Shop Vac: an alligator merkin combined with a wheelbarrow. A partner is holding legs of PAX, while the PAX is using arms to move forward (much like a wheelbarrow). Every time PAX move an arm forward, PAX completes a Merkin. note: the arms of PAX are never even, so these Merkins are done offset.

Partnered up and completed Shop Vacs (new exercise created by YHC) to cone, then switch with partner. At each curb, PAX completed 10 Overhead Claps. PAX completed 2 rounds of the Shop Vacs.

Then, PAX moseyed to Pavilion. PAX stayed in their pairs and completed Aikens. While 1 PAX worked through Aikens routine, the other PAX did Overhead Claps.

Aikens Routine:

  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 split jacks

For round 2, PAX decreased Aikens Routine to 10. Round 3 was 5.

Then, back to the parking lot to rinse and repeat Shop Vacs. PAX replaced overhead claps with Shoulder Blasters for remainder of Shop Vacs and Aiken Routine.

In pavilion: PAX held Iron Cross for 30 seconds, 5 second recover, then repeat. Flutter Kicks-10, Windshield Wipers-14, LOL’s – 5

12 PAX (OFNGs)
Discussion of MLK and his writing. Specifically, YHC discussed Letters to American Christians. The letter was written by MLK as if the Apostle Paul was writing the Church in America in 1956. The article is humbling because it sadly is as relevant today as it was 63 years ago.  Since this weekend, YHC has thought through the article and all the challenges that are still alive and don’t seem to be decreasing (segregation by race, denomination, politcal party, etc.), and how HIM should be working to make a difference.

After 25 burpees, nobody cares about running in the rain. Listening to soul music makes every workout better.