August 18, 2018

Shoestring #WasNow – 1 year later

I am not a professional, but I am Puerto Rican, which is close.  This is my story and you do not have to read it, but I am thankful if you do.

I see and hear of a lot of stories of guys who have lost weight being a part of F3 Nation. I’ve never been a big guy.  Im 5’6″ and a year ago when I started F3 I was “skinny fat” at 130lbs.  I stayed up  every night til 3am playing video games, watching Netflix or working on my laptop and did not take care of myself in any way.  I ate whatever I wanted but never really put on any weight.   I work for a local non-profit ministry and while I was surrounded by a bunch of people and doing “good things”, I now look back and realize I was still a Sad Clown. One year ago, F3 entered my life and changed that.  I became Shoestring.

I definitely drank the kool-aid and jumped head first into F3.  Posting multiple times a week and rucking before every bootcamp.  Due to my obsession, I was thrown into the role of 1st F Q.  My entire routine and diet changed in just a few months.  The thing that changed the most was my mentality.  For my New Years resolution I decided my motto for 2018 was going to be, “Do Hard Things”. I immediately signed up for GORUCK events and pushed myself harder at workouts. While I have seen great results physically, the biggest change has come in my home.

Recently, my M pointed out that one of the things she has noticed has been how I have pushed myself to do hard things around the house.  A year ago, any time something broke, needed to be repaired or built, I would pay someone to do it.  I had no confidence in myself to be able to learn to fix or build anything.  It was easier for me to shell out a few hundred dollars and watch Netflix while a contractor did work.  This year I have repaired showers, installed sinks and toilets and even built a chicken coop for my M. F3 has not only changed me physically, but has changed me mentally and emotionally.

Finally, the best part has been the brothers of F3 Memphis who I have come to love by taking the daily red pill and locking shields with them. We have not all arrived and we still have a long way to go, but this is definitely more than a workout.  F3 is transforming men and helping them grab life by the horns and do hard things together.