March 26, 2020

Shoestring Screw Up WOD

SSH x30
Daisy Pickers x15
Tempo Squats x30
Imperial Walkers x15
Stretch other stuff if you’re into that sort of thing.

Grab a CMU, sand bags, a ruck, or some Bricks.  Anything around 20-30 lbs.
AMRAP for each exercise for 1 minute:
Lateral Jump over the CMU
Overhead Press
Weighted Squat
Bear Crawl 25 yds, Rest for remaining time of that minute if you finish under 60 seconds.

Bronze: 3 Rounds
Silver: 4 Rounds
Gold: 5 Rounds

Driveway Suicides: 3 Rounds
Pick 3 points on your driveway. You know what to do!  If you have a long drive way, DO THE WORK!

Start with 30 American Hammers(4 Count)
Reduce by 5 til you zero out.
ABC’s (cuz yeah!)

In this time, its easy to get distracted from your goals.  I personally have struggled to stay in a rhythm cause all of my life rhythms are messed up for me right now.  I need some sense of a schedule.  You probably do too.  Do the work.  Set goals during this time so you don’t get lost in isolation.  DO HARD THINGS!

I accidentally put down that I had to submit this Home WOD tomorrow even though I signed up for today.  Sheesh.  See what I mean?!

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