April 11, 2018

Shoestring Birthday Q

THE SCENE: a warm 42 degrees and clear skies



SSH IC x20
Burpees OYO x5
Imperial Squat Walkers IC x20
Burpees OYO x5
Daisy Pickers IC x20
Burpees OYO x5
Mosey around the Parking Lot x3

11’s!! Pax start at one end of Parking Lot and complete 10 squats then mosey to other end and complete 1 Big Boy Sit-up.   Continue adding 1 BBS and subtracting 1 squat, always equalling 11 total reps. Sets are as follows…
10 Squats/1 BBS
9 Squats/2 BBS
8 Squats/3 BBS…
1 Squat/ 10 BBS
Repeat back up the ladder…

Mosey to Playground for Mary

Partner up. Stand by your man
Pax 1: dead hangs from playground and performs 10 leg lifts
Pax 2: American Hammers AMRAP waiting for pax 1 to finish set.
Flap Jack
Continue sets for 8 mins.

Mountain Climbers IC x20
Shoulder Taps IC x20
J-Lo IC x20

17 Pax! Kotters to Meatball!  Irish Goodbye from Trophy Wife

YHC is turning 35 tomorrow and in examining my life, YHC has examined death.  What will happen?  When reflecting on Romans 14, Paul flippantly mentions death as it will glorify God.  This type of flippant attitude towards death only comes from a confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Without confidence in His resurrection, YHC will always be more focused on my “stuff”, family and friends and worried about them than on worried about glorifying God in my life and my death.

SO thankful to lead the men in the gloom!  Honored that the pax sang happy birthday to me after Name-O-Rama.  Blessed to be part of this community of HIM. Plenty of mumble chatter today which always warms YHC heart.

GrowRuck in the Fall
Q School on April 21st