April 11, 2018

Sergio Sets

41 degrees and clear….parking lot was empty at 5:25 except for ruckers, but by 5:30 we were ready to go. A few stragglers, but I can’t confirm if Meter Maid was one of them…
My name is Cheesesteak because I’m from Philly. Not only am I a VQ, but in the South, no Yankee is credible or trustworthy. Therefore, you will be participating at your own risk and discretion. Modify as needed.
SSH x13 IC
Dixie (not Daisy) Pickers   x 13IC
Merkins x13IC
Squats x13IC
OYO 1 min
Today’s workout is dedicated to Sergio Garcia, who tied the highest score ever on a single hole at The Masters this past week when he posted a 13 at the 15th hole. He hit 5 balls into the water on the same hole. Therefore,  we will be doing Sergio Sets this morning, with every set we execute this morning in  sets of 13’s. PAX embraced the sets by yelling “Sergio!” at the end of each set…YHC felt affirmed by their enthusiasm.
Single Sergio Sets (Sets of 13)
  1. SSH 13 4 count IC
  2. Mountain Climbers 13 four count IC
  3. Jump Lunges 13 (L/R=1)
  4. Burpee’s – 13 OYO
  5. Merkins 13 IC
  6. Walking Lunges 13
  7. Imperial Walkers 13
  8. Planks with Toe Touches 13 IC


Double Sergio Sets (Sets of 26)

Set 1 (OYO)
  1. Merkins 26
  2. Walking Lunges 13 down
  3. Imperial Walkers 26  four count AFAP
  4. Walking Lunges 13 back
Set 2
  1. Mountain Climbers 26 four count
  2. 13 Burpees
  3. Planks w toe touches  26 four count
  4.  13 burpees
Triple Sergio Set 

Bolt 39’s OYO

AMRAP Sergio   Sets (for 169 seconds, which is 13 squared)
  1. Merkins sets of 13’s
  2. Walking lunges – 13


  1. Burpees 13 OYO
  2. Imperial Walkers 13 four count
  1.  SSH 13 four count
  2. Planks with toe touches 13 four count

Bolt 39’s OYO


  1. Leg raises 13
  2. Hello Dolly 13-4 count IC
  3. American Hammer   13 four count – IC
  4. Planks
  5. 6-inches
Captain Obvious, Woody, Pops, Billy Blanks, Slicnut, Moneybags, Meter Maid, Raven, Rabbit, Bombay, Nature Boy, Red Roofer, FNG (Interest Free), Wide Right, C-lo, Gus, Phat Pat, CheeseSteak
Sergio Garcia became famous this past week for hitting 5 golf balls in the water on the 15th  hole. He’s a really good golfer, currently ranked #10 in the world and was ranked as high as #2 in 2008. But he is now known for one of the greatest blunders in golf. Thousands of people witnessed his blunder live in the stands and millions of others around the world have seen this blunder since last Thursday.
I had the distinct honor of watching it all unfold live because a friend took me to The Masters last week and we were in the stands on that hole when it all happened. And as I reflected on it, I am so grateful that my biggest blunders in life are not seen on the same scale and magnitude as his. Of course, I said to myself, even I could play that hole in less than 13 strokes. When we compare ourselves to others, we can often overestimate ourselves and our abilities rather than sympathizing with others.
When the apostle Paul described himself in comparison to Jesus, here’s what he says in 1 Timothy 1:15….”The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life.”
Paul is considered the greatest missionary in the history of the Christian faith, probably #2 behind Jesus. And yet Paul described himself as the worst of all sinners. That’s like Sergio saying he’s one of the worst golfers to ever play the Masters. And I don’t think Paul was speaking Southern-ese, where we deflect praise and humble brag. The more he knew Jesus the more he recognized his own sin and need for mercy.
I’m thankful my sin isn’t broadcast from the airwaves. But I hope that we will do three things….First,  value Jesus more by  recognizing  our sin. He came to save sinners, of whom I am, and all of us are, among the worst. Second, that we would confess our sin to one another rather than waiting for a huge failure to blow up in our face. Third, that we would walk alongside each other in grace and love when our brothers fail. Because we know very well that we could make the some mistakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to VQ and appreciated the patience of the PAX as I tried to keep us on track. We even welcomed PhatPat from The Morg, who designated himself Co-Q, which resulted in a vote for a new F3 name, which we are still voting to confirm. Having only been in F3 for about 2 months, I’m appreciating the challenge of working out, and now leading a workout, but more so connecting with guys around being better men, husbands, fathers, and intentional investors in our city.

Many announcements were made, among them BrewRuck, a Crawfish Boil to benefit a ministry Bombay serves with, and the World Relief Cup of Nations “not a sport” tournament. I believe these are all on April 28th, but YHC did not write them down. If other announcements were made, I apologize.  Contact Gus/Shoestring for Brewruck, Bombay for the Crawfish Boil, and Cheesteak for Cup of Nations.