April 24, 2020


Rainy, possibly


Welcome to F3 home edition.  YHC is not a professional pay attention to your body.  Modify if you need to.

25 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

15 Daisy Pickers

10 Windmills

5 Forward Arm Circles, 5 Reverse Arm Circles

Robbie Miller WOD-  This is a ruck workout that utilizes lower rep counts with more rounds.  Its a fun workout that gets to the you v you mode as the rounds progress.  The original WOD is a 6 mile ruck with a PT portion. This fits in pretty well with an F3 Mothership and Ruck Saturday.   A normal Mothership morning ruck is 4.5miles.  The beatdown today takes about 45 min.   To take us to the full hour start on the final 1.5mile ruck. *Pax completing the full WOD will get a couple minutes extra credit.   So if you’d like to complete the full Robbie Miller WOD you are Freed to do so, along with YHC, separately.

12 Rounds

6 Pull-ups – Modify to CMU/Ruck Bent rows, or Aussie Pull-ups (can use 2 chairs and a broom stick, picnic table, ect.)

6 Burpee Squats (Full Burpee with jump followed by a squat)

6 4 Count Mountain Climbers

6 Rucksack Get-ups – Modify to CMU or 7 Turkish Get-ups

Zion-Benton Township HS Wresting practice closing:

3 Rounds

25 Merkins

25 LBCs

Add extra overtime rounds if needed- Coach Hal always seemed to.


I know these times suck and are causing heartache and pain. Try and find some good things about it.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  -Vivian Greene.  I read that quote in a book written by a guy who was badly burned as a child.  Googling the quote-maker now shows that she is a singer (YHC didn’t know that).   So this quote may or may or may not be from a song. Anyway this came to my mind today.  Since the pandemic YHC has observed opportunities that I need to lead my family and children through.  I’m glad that I’ve recognized these needs and can work on them while our family’s schedule is much more open.


  • Consider HC’ing for some of these Home WODs or different workouts.  It helps to have the accountability.  YHC would most likely have stopped early during Landline’s prescribed kettlebell swings Friday morning.  -But the HC to do the 345 home wod this week keep me in the workout.  -Even though I”m sure its against the “rulez” –still kept me honest.
  • When we open up fully –I vote for Old Man Hitch’s Log Day followed by Jeffida FKA Teacher’s Pet’s Ultimate Frisbee!!!

Check Slack.  Looking forward to SYITG.

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