February 23, 2018

Saturday 2/24/18 PREBLAST

We’ve got some great things on the agenda Saturday. Get your beauty rest tonight!

0400 Ruck CSAUP – Bruce on Q
Most people enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays. At F3 Memphis, we enjoy getting #milez. We’re shooting for ~10 miles in 2.75 hours. No coupons; no beat downs; just rucking. Bring a ruck, weight, water, and a headlamp (for real this time). Park at the South Hyde Lake lot, where the gate is (usually) open. We’ll wrap at 0645 to get over to Mothership for BC. Planned route is below.

0530 Mothership Ruck – The OG ruck. Same as it ever was. Park at Mothership lot.

0700 Mothership Bootcamp – Shoestring on Q
Not getting up at 0330 to ruck is reasonable. Sleeping in on a mid-morning bootcamp with the finest Puerto Rican Q in F3 Nation is dumb.

0815 Q1 VAPE Coffeeteria @ Panera
This is essentially a regional leadership meeting. We’ll talk vision and strategy. Click here for all the details!