December 30, 2018

Santa’s Ladder

THE SCENE: ’twas the gloom before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, not even Larry the skunk. IT was frosty cold TBH
25 ssh
10 windmills
OYO leg swing/stretch
Mosied to the car park
We performed a variation of ladder work.
– Disc cone set at 10 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, 40yd, 50yd, 80yd
– Alway sprint forward, back pedal back to start
– After amount of sprints, we performed a group exercise
10 yd Sprint x5 / 10 burpees when done
20 yd Sprint x4 / 20 partner bridge push-ups ( partner A bridging, while  partner B does 20 pushups partner A’s back)
30 yd Sprint x3 / 30 hand-release PLYO merkins – in cadence
40 yd Sprint x3 / 40 jump squats – in cadence
50 yd Sprint x2 / 50 pickle pounders
80 yd Sprint x1 / backward bear crawl back

ABC leg lifts, in cadence, however we spelled out Merry Christmas instead!
Mosied back to X

Returned with 5 minutes to spare. We ran fast!  Alternated group exercises Upper Body( 12 reps), core (25 reps) through out circle.
23 PAX (3 FNGS) 1 Irish Goodbye
Halpert, C-Lo, Nature Boy, Snowman, Pops, Black Diamond, Meter Maid, O Positive, Whatchita, Dial-Up, Hacksaw, 1040, Pablo, Coach K, Milky Way (FNG), Uncle Rico, Corn Dog (FNG), Pronto Pup, Floater (FNG), Murse, Backseat, Billy Blanks, CapriSun
Nothing more you could speak about on Christmas Eve, than the true meaning of Christmas.  I thought on many other PAX Q’s about how reaching out to others, encouraging others, lifting spirits, and giving back is good medicine.
It was a frosty coffeeteria (with extras) that followed in the carpark.  Great banter and chat.   Pronto Pup of course brought his son with the fitting named Corn Dog.