January 7, 2020

Sandlot IS King Of The Bluff

 Welcome & Disclaimer: Yep

SSH x 20
IW x 12
Hillbillies x 12
Arm circles x 20
Tempo Merkins x 12
Tempo squats x 12
Daisy Picker
Mosey to sand volleyball court:
Modified Dora 1-2-3 with partner in the sand:
  1. 100 derkins – mode of transportation: Vacuum Cleaners (wheel barrow)
  2. 200 squats – mode of transportation: Apple Turnover (bear crawl across court, crab walk back to partnet)
  3. 300 overhead claps – mode of transportation: run around the volleyball court . . . Time was running short, so we did 25 overhead claps in cadence to wrap up Tha-Thang
Mosey to startex
5 minutes of core:
Reps x 12
Lbcs cross
Hello Dolly
Flutter kicks
dying cock roach
Then 30 seconds of plank: high plank, left arm up, right arm up, low plank
Count-A-Rama: 29 PAX – 3 FNGs (FNB, Toto, Slow Claps – who probably needs to be renamed!)
Name-A-Rama: yes!
You say you love _______. Name them. . . we’ve got to build relationships with “the other”, people we say we love, but we don’t really even know.
Altar Boy
Workout Date: