May 16, 2018

Sandbag Snake Ruck

THE SCENE: HUMID!!  You could almost drink the air.



Starting at one end of the parking lot without rucks do the following exercises to the other end and back.
Side hop
High Kicks
Butt Kickers
Pax circled up and put on their rucks.

Merkins x10
Squats x10
Ruck to Shoestrings x10 (Laying flat on your back with ruck above your head, lift your legs and bring your ruck and feet together.  This sucked.)

Pax completed 3 rounds and increased reps by 10 each round.

YHC connected 3 sandbags with different weights, 40#, 60#, 80# and took a lap around campus. ~1.7 miles. We moved a ton slower than YHC thought we would.  Sand is tricky… VERRRRY TRICKY!

American Hammer IC x20
Ruck to Shoestrings… AGAIN IC x20
Flutter Kicks IC x30
BBS IC x20

9 Pax (0 FNG’s)


Over the last few days YHC has dealt with a whiny kid.  My daughter has done nothing but complained, whined, huffed and sighed at every task given and every thing seems like the worst day ever.  YHC has grown extremely tired of the whining and complaining.  BUT, thank God that He doesnt treat me and get frustrated with me for all the whining and complaining I do in my life.  YHC reminded the pax that we too are whiners and need the strength of God to be able to make it through each day to love and serve others before ourselves.


The sandbags slowed us down WAYYYY more than YHC would have guessed they would.  It was a humid morning and now the stanky sweat of the pax has stunk up the car!  The M will not approve of the sandbag staying in the hot steamy vehicle all day.  The sandbag snake was tricky and took some getting used to but we can rest assured, he will show up again.

GORUCK has issued the #ruckclubcallout so be on the lookout for time and date of the ruck on the F3 Memphis Ruck Club Facebook page.