June 5, 2020

Sally Knocked Over Our Nanner Flag

Too bright, too visible, knee high grass growing in places. Such is the Annex at 0615.




  • SSH IC x 20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 10
  • Arm Circles Forward IC x 10
  • Arm Circles Reverse IC x 10
  • Squats IC x 15


Run a quarter mile, and do Bring Sally Up to Merkins.

Run a quarter mile, and do Bring Sally Up to Squats.

Run a quarter mile, and do Bring Sally Up to BBS (halfway down on “Bring Sally Down”).

Run a quarter mile, and do Bring Sally Up to dips on the picnic benches.

Jog “back to Start Ex” in time to see the coveted Nanner Flag being knocked down.

  • T-Merkins IC x 5
  • Burpees OYO x 5
  • Bear Crawl in a circle

(decending ladder until PAX finished 1 T-Merkin IC, 1 burpee, and bear crawled in a circle)

Dealer’s Choice:

  • Grimace – Flutter Kicks IC x 30
  • Gomer – Freddy Mercuries IC x 30
  • Gun Show – Stargazers (unsurprisingly)
  • Rabbit – Can’t remember for the life of me, but they weren’t pickle pounders (surprisingly)
  • Tremor – Heels to Heaven IC x 15
  • Sonic – Boxcutters IC x 10

Gomer, Gun Show, Rabbit, Tremor, Sonic, Paper Cut, Grimace

F3 isn’t about just challenging workouts. It’s also about having challenging conversations. This morning, Sonic and I had a Q & A with the PAX about recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd and other African Americans in the US. The 4 questions asked I asked to Sonic were:

  1. How has George Flynn’s death and subsequent protests/riots impacted you personally?
  2. Can you describe your experience with racism?
  3. Slavery ended 157 years ago. Jim Crow laws ended 56 years ago. Aren’t things equal yet?
  4. What do you wish your white friends knoew about racism?

PAX did more listening than speaking while Sonic tackled some of these issues. While I can’t backblast 40 minutes of COT, a few points to take away were:

  1. It’s okay to ask your black friends about racism. Approach the conversation from a empathetic/curious standpoint without any leading questions. Listen more, talk less.
  2. Black boys can’t play hide and seek in their neighbor’s bushes like white boys can. (As someone who played a lot of hide and seek as a kid in my neighborhood, this one stuck with me)
  3. All the protests mean nothing if nothing changes at the end of the day. Stop sharing stupid memes and have a conversation with someone. Go vote in your local elections.
  4. Policies are easier to change than mindsets, but changing mindsets can lead to policy change.



A woman (let’s call her Sally) pushing her kiddo in a stroller, saw our Nanner flag (which is a parody of the Gadsden Flag) as we were returning from our 1 mile Bring Sally Up run, and proceeded to knock it down because “it’s a public park” and to “get that racist crap out of here” or something to that effect. She yelled this from a distance of approximately 60 yards. In near unison, most of us responded by yelling “It’s a banana flag” and showed her the flag from a distance. Embarrased by her egregious assumption and regret of the act of violence upon the Nanner Flag, she quickly about-faced and continued pushing her stroller.

Activating event, Belief, Consequence.

The irony of having a “racist flag” on a day when we spent 40 minutes afterwards listening and talking about racism was not lost on us.

Halpert is on Q next week. Will it be 0530 or 0615, who knows?

Mothership tomorrow at 0700.

Grimace (Q)
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