December 23, 2019

Sacking Up at the Annex

Literally Freezing. My bronchioles instantly call shenanigans.

The Speedster no longer flinches when I begin. I’ll have to catch him off guard next time.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x20
Arm Circles IC x20 fwd x20 rev

We played a game called Sleigh Ride AKA Santa’s Sack AKA Roomba bought 3 new exercise dice (total of 5 now) and just wants to try them out.
All 5 of my exercise dice (All 12-sided, 2 Hard, 1 Med, 1 Easy(ish), and 1 Yoga) were thrown in a red laundry sack and we played the game as follows:
1) One person starts off as Santa. Santa presents the sack to a good little PAX, who picks a die out of the bag blindly and rolls. All PAX do the prescribed exercise. In the case of a yoga pose, perform it for 30 seconds.
2) After the exercise is done, the roller is now Santa. Santa drives the sleigh to the next area (we went back and forth from the playground to the nearest library awning) by announcing the mode of travel (indian run, sprint, mosey, bear crawl, partner carry, wheel barrow, and more were all selected at some point. FTL). Santa is responsible for moving the sack as well.
3) Once all-in at the next area, Santa presents the sack to a new good little PAX and the cycle continues.

Speedy got like nothing but water breaks, we did a bunch of burpees, and we all guessed at how yoga works. Could have really used some yoga fire. It was cold, y’all. I think the highlight of the whole game was when DHL suggested partner carry. He got my robotic butt all the way down to the awning! Speedy and Tremor did a little victory lap too. Tremor, ever the pain glutton, declared some 4 is 1 shenanigans on one of his rolls. Again the Annex had loot for us in the form of a broken vape and janky USB cable. The resident officer of the Annex dealt with the threat in a modern manner. I think the kids call it “Yeeting it into the night so it’s someone else’s problem”.

I wished everyone a Mary Christmas. Close enough.

4 frozen nanners – DHL, Tremor, Speedy (AOQ), Roomba (QIC)

I’ve had some folks leave my church, and I might be leaving an organization soon too. I encourage all HIM, that it’s not a weakness to leave, but it is a manly thing to leave well. Prepare others to take your place.

This was my smallest Q ever, I believe, but it worked super well. I’ve got an endgame for my stupid dice collection and I can’t wait for that to come to fruition. I am also loving this cold weather, despite my complaining. The elements remind us that when we get out there, it’s a sign that we can keep our commitments and roles, no matter the circumstance. If we were all fair weather PAX, the AOs would be closed in cold months, hot months, and for rain/mud, but they’re not, because we Hard Commit to things. Cobains for the late report.

Gomer’s on Q in the morning. Also, animosity for the Nashville F3 Chapter aside, Tennessee is hosting the Winter Classic on New Years Day at Bridgestone arena. It’s a once-a-year-ish outdoor NHL match. Tune into NBC around Noon on New Years Day to see the Predators crush some Texans.

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