March 2, 2018

Running @ The Barracks (I hate coming up with clever titles)

THE SCENE:  44 and clear with a huge full moon and a sleeping police officer in his car in the parking garage (our running woke him up).

  • I am not a professional, I’m not being paid, you didn’t pay to be here.
  • You are participating at your own risk
  • You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  • Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


  • Windmill (IC) – 15
  • SSH (IC) – 20
  • Run 1 lap
    • Run first straight away (John Cusack / Hallelujia)
    • High knees around first curve
    • Butt kickers on second straight away
    • Circle up to stretch
  • Stretching
    • Legs spread, grab right ankle, then left ankle
    • Feet in line – RIGHT foot forward
      • Grab right ankle
      • Hip flexor
      • Hands on floor + right hand in air, then left
    • Feet in line – LEFT foot forward
      • Grab left ankle
      • Hip flexor
      • Hands on floor + right hand in air, then left


Mosey to parking garage
*Once we start, don’t stop moving for the next 30 minutes.
Push yourself but pace yourself.
Run up entire parking garage facing the same direction (west) the whole time. When you get to the top of a ramp, side shuffle over to the other side then run backwards up the second ramp, side shuffle over, forward up the next, etc. When get to the top come back down in the same manner.
Stay on the outside perimeter of the garage the whole time.
Once you get to the bottom do fast feet (chopping) up downs on 5 count until all in.  Last one down join the fast feet up downs.
Then everyone (whilst chopping) turn 90 degrees (now facing south) go up the garage in the same manner – side shuffle all the way up the first ramp, run across, side shuffle up the second ramp, run backwards across, etc. until all the way to the top and back down again, same thing at bottom (up downs) until all in.
Once all in, run up the first ramp to flat section, sprint back down.
Mosey over to track, one final lap around track.


  • low planks knees to side (IC) – 15
  • Mountain Climbers (IC) – 15
  • flutter kicks (IC) – 6 normal, 6 @ 45 degrees, 6 @ 90 degrees
  • American Hammer (IC) – 15
  • LBC’s (IC) – 10?

18 – Soybean, Snookie, Elmwood, Buffet, Dewy, Four Eyes, Gus, Ghost Dog, Spock, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Shoestring, Costello, Crayfish, Teacher’s Pet, Father Abraham, Shenandoah (FNG), Toms, Handsy (QIC)


Matthew 5:37 – Jesus says – let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything else is from the evil one.
Often we’re too afraid to say what we really want or need because we worry about how other people will perceive us. Too often we don’t ask for what we really need or say what we really mean and then end up resenting others because they are not responding as we would want. But that is on us if we haven’t been truthful with our words. As men striving to be HIM’s we must speak truthfully about how we feel even if it’s uncomfortable.


I was really impressed with all 18 PAX this morning. This was a tough workout (especially if you don’t do much running) and everyone kept a good pace, kept up and stayed moving for 30 solid minutes. Well done PAX!

Also, side stepping / shuffling for that long (probably at least 1 mile) gives me blisters.

Service opportunity (3rd F!) tomorrow (3/3) at Sea Isle neighborhood. More info in GroupMe (and maybe preblast?)