December 2, 2019

Running, Ropes, and Running

THE SCENE:  I followed Squeegee in only to see him drive past the parking lot.  I bet he thought there would be a lot of PT.  He reluctantly turned back around and pulled up once he realized I was behind him and had recognized his truck.  Too late to go on a solo run in solitude.  The Willie Lohman from Birmingham with FNG in tow were the last to find us and seemed a bit disheartened to hear that this was the run workout.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  This doesn’t prevent you from suing us but it makes us feel better about our liability.  The disclaimer is now deeply rooted in tradition and lore.

WARM-O-RAMA:   Deep stretching routine.  Neck Rolls IC, Arm Rolls IC, Right over left IC, Left over Right IC, Touch your Toes IC, Spread’em down to the right IC, down to the Left IC, center IC, Squatting bear in the woods IC.

THA-THANG:  Ladder sprints: 100 yd sprint, 100 yd jog, 200 yd sprint, 100 yd jog, 300 yd sprint, 100 yd jog, 400 yd sprint, 100 yd jog.

Broke into two teams; 1 team member each climbed the Barracks ropes while the others ran a 400.  Team members switched from rope to run continuously.  Rules: rope climber has to stay on the rope until he is relieved.  If he climbs to the top hitting the wood cross bar his team is reward with a +100.  If he falls off the rope and touches the mat than a penalty of -100 is enforced on his team.

An approximate total of 6 rounds were completed.  To my knowledge Corn dog (F3 Birmingham) and YIC were the only ones to secure team rewards.  Multiple penalties were accrued.

Together we paid our dept by completing 4 100 yd sprints.

MARY:   American Hammers x 25 IC, J-Lo’s x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  5 PAX, 1 FNG;  Upgrade, Squegee, Corn Dog, Tomb Raider, and Failure to Launch (FNG)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Embrace someone you wouldn’t.

Challenge given to the PAX to hug someone today you normally would never.  Holidays brings us in close proximity to those we normally wouldn’t have much to do with.  Have you ever hugged a homeless person?  The stench of alcohol, urine, dirt, fecal matter, sweat, BO, and despair is damn near overwhelming.  As a believer in Jesus, I understand he hugs us despite our stench of death.  Therefore, it is a small thing for us to step outside of our comfort zone and show some love to someone who is not likable, who is not like us.

You realize after awhile of putting this into practicing that embracing someone who you dislike isn’t about them as much as its about your heart.  Are you accelerating in your 3rd F today or bolstering the ‘status quo’?  God wants our whole heart and He’s willing to put jackasses in our way to break us down and build us back up.

Hug someone today that you wouldn’t.

MOLESKIN:   I was a bit of a Debby Downer about missing Slater’s vQ and dishonored the opportunity Upgrade gave me in q’ing the Barracks run workout.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to hangout with him, Squeegee, Corn Dog, and the FNG.

FNG splashed after hanging from the rope a solid two minutes and running more than what he’s done in quite some time.  It was good to have them out.  Corn Dog really pushed me in the sprints.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayers for Searcy as he buries his father.  Also, prayers for those recovering from injuries prior to the St. Jude marathon.  Safe travels to those out on the roads.

Tomb Raider
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