August 26, 2018

Running in Threes

THE SCENE: Lovely, mid-70s morning at the Barracks


SSH x20, Imperial Walker x15, Hillbilly x15, Daisy Picker x10, Windmill x10

Mosey to the track, do ~50m high knees, butt-kickers, and carioca

Mosey over to the pull-up bars. YHC had the PAX count off by 3s

But that was all wrong. I needed groups of three. *sigh*

The groups were corrected and given the following instructions:

Team member 1 (TM1) would start on the exercise circuit below. TM2 and TM3 would take a lap around the track. TM2 would then swap with TM1 on the exercises (picking up wherever he left off), and TM1 would run a lap with TM3. Then TM3 would sub in for exercises, etc. Apart from the very first lap, each PAX should do two laps then exercises. 

5 burpee pull-ups (that’s a burpee under the pull-up bars, adding a pull-up on the jump at the end)
10 merkins
15 dips
20 squats

We did that for 30 minutes, with each PAX doing 3-4 rounds of exercises. 

Next, keeping the same groups, we moseyed over to the southern straightaway. TM1 and TM2 stood on the track at the near light pole while TM3 went down to the next light pole, about 80-90m away. TM1 sprinted to TM3; TM3 sprinted to TM2, and the relay was on. What ensued was so much hand slapping and huffing and puffing and laughing and crying and asking when it would all end. Well, time faithfully passed and it was time to quit, so we went back to the pad for some Mary.

YHC can’t recall what all was done – probably some Hello Dollies, flutter kicks, and LBCs. Maybe something different? 

13 PAX, no FNGs

YHC shared some wisdom from the Q Source on Consistency. Leaders are consistent. People are counting on you to be where you say you’ll be and do not be an emotional roller-coaster. The Q Source article pointed out how one way to become more consistent is to build habits and routines into your schedule to free yourself up to focus on more important things. Steve Jobs wore the same clothes. Nick Saban eats the same breakfast and lunch. Making small things automatic will let you spend more time on things that really matter. Consider what habits/routines you can build into your life to become more Consistent.

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The Barracks is always a good time. YHC enjoyed the burpee pull-ups even if no one else did. It was a good morale boost to get that jump start every time instead of starting from a dead hang. I had considered making it a competition for most rounds of the exercise circuit, but I couldn’t come up with a good way to incentivize the winner.  

Two out of town workouts and ruck sim. All three were successful.