October 27, 2017

Run or Die. Or Both.

AO: The Levee

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Escobar, Rabbit, Slots, Paper Cut, Go Fish, Woody and O Positive.

CONDITIONS: Cloudless sky and a crisp 52 degrees



*YHC made a quick introduction of Cap’n Merkin, the F3 Memphis unofficial official mascot.  He made his first cameo appearance for the Levee’s PAX this morning in the gloom as he greeted each man upon their arrival for Warm-A-Rama.  An imposing figure he is; all of 8 inches tall with an impressive ‘stache that is the envy of many PAX.  The men were intrigued by his presence. They figured something was amiss. They would have to wait and see.

•SSH x20 IC
•Wind Mills x20 IC
•Merkins x20 IC
•Mountain Climbers x20 IC (user’s choice selection by Box Cutter)


*YHC led the PAX on a lil’ mosey (.25 mile)


THE THANG: Sprints. Running. Exercises and stuff. Sprints. Running. Exercises and stuff. You get the picture…

PART 1::

Round 1: OYO

•SPRINT 5 yards…backpeddal to the start…run in place until all in

•SPRINT 10 yards…backpeddal to the start…run in place until all in

•SPRINT 15 yards…backpeddal to the start…run in place until all in

Round 2: OYO

*Rinse and Repeat

Round 3: OYO

*Rinse and Repeat

Round 4: OYO

*SPRINT 25 yards…slow mosey back to start


*Short (lol) mosey to PART 2


PART 2::

Round 1: OYO

*Due to the track not being available YHC improvised and called an Omaha and the PAX settled in for a lovely jaunt around a concrete track (or more precisely, car pool line).

To begin, 4 PAX, 1 by 1 reached into Cap’n Merkins cranium and selected a piece of paper then read it aloud announcing what punishment Cap’n would be inflicting on the PAX.

*Burpees x10 OYO
*Knee Highs 20 seconds OYO
*SSH x30 OYO
*Squats x40 OYO

Once the 4 exercises were carefully selected the routine would resemble this:

*PAX OYO would drop immediately (corner 1) and complete 10 Burpees

*RUN to corner 2 and complete 20 seconds of High Knees

*RUN to corner 3 and complete 30 SSH

*RUN to corner 4 and complete 40 Squats



*Mosey back to where we began (.25 mile)


MARY: Around the World
•Stargazer 20 seconds (O Positive)
*Side Plank Leg Lifts (L) x10 IC (Escobar)
*Side Plank Leg Lifts (R) x10 IC (Escobar)
•Flutter Kicks x10 IC (Rabbit)
•Seated Bicycle Kicks x15 IC (Slots)
*Box Cutters x20 IC (Paper Cut)
*Regular Bicycle Kicks x15 IC (Go Fish)
*Alphabet x26 letters OYO (Woody)



>YHC encouraged the PAX to reflect on the words written in Proverbs 27:17…”Iron Sharpens Iron Like a Man Sharpens a Man” and how that is reflected in the men of F3 Memphis and F3 Nation as a whole. YHC also reminded the PAX to be mindful that our motto is pretty straightforward: “No Man Left Behind.  No Man Left the Same.” Prayer requests were lifted up among the PAX in a revolving order, counter-clockwise to provide the PAX to personally lift their prayer requests to the Lord while locking shields as a unified band of brothers.

>YHC was grateful for the opportunity to lead the PAX at the Levee this morning. First Running Work-out for YHC to lead. More to follow.  He pushed himself and the PAX.  Today was a good day.  Aye!