November 9, 2020

Run it Back, at Barracks

Mid 60s. YHC actually arrived more than 15 seconds early this week.


Motivators, down from 6

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

Daisy Pickers 10x IC

Hand Release Merkins 20x IC

10 penalty burpees for no flag (Hitch wanted to go ahead and knock these out now, and be done with them)

Partner up, one sandbag for each pair.

Partner 1 begins doing burpee-clean-squat-throw to advance sandbag down track. Partner 2 runs ~100m, and runs back.

Flip flop: partner 2 advances bag with exercise, while partner 2 runs. Go until sandbag completes one full lap around the track.

Once burpee lap is done, start lap 2 with lunge walk with sandbag, same format. Finished ~200m of lap 2.

10 more penalty burpees for no flag. It was still upsetting 44 minutes later to not see it there.

8 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Hitch (AOQ), Beauty Shop, 3PL, Honey Booboo, Oneder, Bloomer, Tomb Raider

I think Joe Biden’s opening remarks in his speech from Saturday night were important for all Americans to hear right now. He said that Republicans are not the enemy. Democrats are not the enemy. It is not us vs. them. We are all Americans, and until everyone starts remembering that, we will continue to be trapped in the toxic environment we currently find ourselves in.

When you boil every man down to his most basic level, all any of us really want is a safe place for our family to live. And when you can keep that in mind, that regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, everybody basically wants the same thing, hopefully then can everyone start working towards that shared end goal. It is very tempting to fall into the trap of “We won, you lost, in your face!” but that just keeps our country trapped in an endless cycle of each side undoing what the other just spent 4 years trying to accomplish, and no real progress is made.

We can all have different opinions on what is the best way to accomplish the goal of a safe place for our family, but do not lose sight of the fact that someone with an opposing viewpoint is not the enemy. I hope that Biden’s words from Saturday are more than just that, and that our government can finally do what has seemed to elude them for quite some time now, and work together across party lines to move our country forward. Challenge all PAX to try to do the same. Don’t get sucked into the BS on social media, and instead work to promote camaraderie.

Tomb Raider was the only one brave enough to venture out for round 2 of this workout.

Hobo continues to dodge doing any sandbag work.

Good to have Beauty Shop back out, after his wrist surgery.

This one is a serious burner, and there’s nowhere to hide. You aren’t done with the sandbag burpees until you and your partner advance it the full 400m. T-Claps to everyone who came out today for putting in the work!

Log your hand release merkins for November. We may need to start teaming up to try to catch up with Evan Almighty, Cheez, and Skids.

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