August 1, 2018

Run, crawl and a bunch of other nonsense.


Ye Olde Forest: 74 degrees with a heavy pall of humid gloom

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3 | 5 Core Principles

*SSH x 30 IC (1-20 IC then go radio silent…suffering penalty if we didn’t finish as a unit in cadence)…due to some miscommunication #WEFAILEDIT=PAX did NOTperform x 10 Penalty Burpees OYO, tho *will splain in Moleskin*
*2nd attempt at above: SSH x 20 IC (1-10 IC then go radio silent…suffering penalty if we didn’t finish as a unit in cadence)…#WEFAILEDIT=PAX performed x10 Penalty Burpees OYO
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 30 IC
*HILL BILLIES (reverse; moving in a circle counter-clockwise as a unit) x 30 IC
*3rd attempt at above: YHC instructed PAX to start FEET TOGETHER: SSH x 20 IC…(1-10 IC then go radio silent…suffering penalty if we didn’t finish as a unit in cadence)…#WEFAILEDITAGAIN=PAX performed x10 Penalty Burpees OYO
*4th attempt at above: Again, YHC instructed PAX to start FEET TOGETHER: SSH x20 IC…(1-10 IC then go radio silent…suffering penalty if we didn’t finish as a unit in cadence)…#WENAILEDITFINALLY=No…zero…nada mas burpees de penalte performed by el PAX

Penalty Burpees suck.  We learned our lesson.

THA-THANG:   Indian Run to Bear Meadow whilst the Runner yelt his name (F3 or Hospital Name), repeatedly and enthusiastically until he reached the front of the Indian Line

PART 1: Bear Merkins

Upon arrival via Indian Run to Bear Meadow: YHC instructed the PAX to perform Merkins (4-ct; down-up-down-up) at the STARTEX then Bear Crawl to the ENDEX, about 30 yards away.  Odd number of reps (1,3,5,7 and 9) performed at STARTEX.  Bear Crawl to ENDEX and perform even number of reps (2,4,6,8 and 10).  Upon completion of reps Crawl Bear back to STARTEX.  Repeat until all reps completed.  Plank until all in.

Ex: 1 (4-ct) Merkin at STARTEX…Bear Crawl to ENDEX. Perform 2 Merkins.  Crawl Bear back down to STARTEX. 3 Merkins…repeat transportation modes. Complete sequence until 10 reps performed at ENDEX.

*Indian Run repeated until reaching parking lot where Circle of Pain took place

PART 2: Baby Dora Daddy 1-2-3

*Partner up: 7 sets of 2 PAX; 1 set had 3 (incl. YHC)

1.  Mountain Merkins (4-ct Mountain Climber then 4-ct Merkin=1 rep) x 50 OYO
2.  Side Straddle Hops (SSH @ 4-ct=1 rep) x 100 OYO
3.  Prisoner Squats x 150 OYO

*Partner 1 (P1): Perform designated exercise while P2 (or P3 in YHC’s case) ran a lap around parking lot returning to relieve P1 and pick up where he left off.  P1 then would run lap. Repeat until all exercises/reps performed. Those who finished early helped other PAX with their reps.


  • American Hammers x 15 IC (YHC and PAX yelled U-S-A-1 , U-S-A-2 instead of counting 1-2-3-1…repeated until 15 reps were completed.

15 (2 FNG + 1 Willy Loman); ISS, Toms, Carmen Sandiego, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Scout Team, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Handsy, Crayfish, Traffic Jam (Willy Loman), Goldilocks, Bottomless and O Positive (YHC)+2 FNG: Veggie Tales and Doc Hollywood


YHC is an avid reader and finds many correlations in what he reads to the Mission, Core Principles and Q Source as well as the 43feet podcast engineered by F3.  YHC attempted to correlate to the PAX the 4 Quadrants of Q Source (Q1: Get Right, Q2: Live Right, Q3: Lead Right and Q4: Leave Right) and what is known by some as 4 tenets of Authentic Manhood (Reject Passivity, Accept Responsibility, Lead Courageously, Invest Eternally).  Correlation for YHC:

*Get Right=Reject Passivity

*Live Right=Accept Responsibility

*Lead Right=Lead Courageously

*Leave Right=Invest Eternally

YHC reminded the PAX including 2 FNG’s to step up and prepare themselves to lead, in accordance with F3’s Mission. Remember: Modify…just don’t quit.

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

*OBOP pulled out one from his archive today which smoked: shoulders, legs, core for another full-body experience. Loved seeing the PAX all push their limits today.  Toms and his cohorts questioned YHC’s instruction during Circle of Pain which led the PAX to hit re-do.  Btw…Toms was a beast in Bear Meadow.  Dude is a Spider Monkey.  Enough about him.  No man left behind-no man left where we found him at 0530, either.


  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.