August 16, 2018

Ruins Launch Week TWO!

THE SCENE: 83 degrees and humid.  YHC, Pirtle and Teacher’s Pet had to ruck run back to the AO when we realized we wandered too far away and would not make it back in time from our ruck. Nearly a Q Fail. Crisis averted but legs warmed up.

Done… Had to redo for FNG that came a couple minutes late.  Toms with the reminder!

SSH IC x100
Copperhead Squats IC x30

Pax moseyed to one end of the parking lot.  YHC instructed pax to bear crawl two parking spaces, then perform two burpees.  Continue this across the parking lot.  Approximately stopping 8 times.  Thats 16 Burpees each way. #Math.
We went back and forth across the parking lot in the following methods:
– Bear Crawls
– Crawl Bears
– Broad Jumps
Total completed burpees: ~96

Pax moseyed to the top of the stairs.
Merkins (x10), BBS(x10) and Squats(x10) performed OYO at the top of the stairs.  Pax ran to the bottom and ran back up the stairs.  Reps increased by 10 each trip back to the top.  Finished rounds at x30 each exercise due to time.

Mountain Climbers waiting for the 6. IC x30

American Hammers IC x50

14 pax (2 FNG’s). Welcome Nancy Drew and Curfew!

Complacency is a killer.  We can all become complacent and I have realized I was even getting complacent in F3.  I was not pushing myself as hard in workouts.  YHC would also just go thru the motions.  My acceleration had been hindered.
It is critical to find purpose and commit yourself to accelerating so complacency doesn’t kill you.  YHC can also become complacent at home, at work and even spiritually.  We can NOT let that happen for our pax.  We must continue to accelerate.  That starts with the DRP and continues thru relationship with other men seeking to accelerate and sustain momentum.

Find a Shield Lock.  Find ways to push yourself.  Be an ACCELERATING MAN.

For reference:

The pax pushed themselves today.  Lots of sweat.  I even put my face in the sprinklers so I could get some water.  Hope it was potable.  Always love having FNG’s at a workout.  T-Claps to those two for pushing themselves!!