September 3, 2020

Ruin’d Picnic

Pefectly Gloomy 77°F and Humidity at 96%


Side Steps IC, Moroccan Night Clubs IC, Merkins IC

Grab a CMU and ruck down the ruins steps.  At the bottom of Steps Cusak carry the CMU by the skate park back near the road for our well lit patch grass.

Part 1 -Yogi’s Picnic:  Scenario: Yogi’s den is located near the sprinkler control boxes (25 yards from the “picnic tables”).  You (Yogi) need to steel a picnic basket as fast as possible and transport it back to the den.  Then you will crack it open and enjoy the feast. Just don’t get caught….

  • Bear Crawl 25 yards, grab CMU (our picnic basket)
  • Bears & Blocks 25 yards back (bear crawl dragging CMU)
  • Attempt crack it open using Bear Strength (12 CMU swings, 12 CMU Thrusters)
  • Your attempts failed, Bears & Blocks back to picnic tables (25 yards) to return the picnic basket so as not to get caught.
  • Bear Crawl 25 yards back to den, safe and sound.
  • Decide you need to increase Bear Strength (9 Werkins, 9 Merkins, 9 Diamond Merkins)
  • This gives you the confidence needed to try again, Bear crawl from your den to the Picnic basket (25 yards)
  • Grab CMU, Bears & Blocks back to the den (25 yards)
  • Attempt to crack it open using Bear Strength (12 CMU swings, 12 CMU Thrusters)
  • Still no luck, decide to use your biggest ASSet, 9 Foot Release Sit Squats (CMU vertical, squatting then sitting down and lifting feet)
  • You win, enjoy. Farmer informed the pax that he found Big Boy Situps inside the basket.  All performed 12 of them.

Part 2: Carry the CMU to the Monkey bars.  Set CMUs down on sidewalk 12 yards away from the bars.  Perform 11s Pullups (mod Aussie Pull-ups) and CMU Curls. Working on the Guns!  Plank till All in. Then grab bricks and take them to the top of the Ruins Stairs

Part 3: Set CMUs down at the top of the stairs Mosey back down.  Perform the Grizz-calator (Bear Crawl Merkin Escalator).  Ascend the stairs in plank position. At each stair perform 1 merkin.  There are 74 stairs, we skipped the first 3 steps at each landing, 3 landings so 65 ascending stair merkins.

CMU overhead Flutter kicks IC x25, Plank CMU Pull-Thru OYO x10, Plank till Time (25 count)

5 Pax; Altar Boy, Blackhawk, Farmer, Sparkles, Dawson (QIC)

Two sides to every story.   I found a rope strung out throughout my house, one we had just bought for an upcoming project.  I really didn’t care that it was a slight mess.  I asked my M what was up with it.  She said that our 3yo son did it.  Ok, I found him so we could roll it up together.  He told me forcefully “I did not do it”.  Ah man, now this is a thing, I need to correct him from lying; this hasn’t come up with him before. He continued to stand his ground when questioned further,  after I told him not to lie… “Mom did it, Dad did it, Sister did it, Dog did it, I didn’t do it.”  Again I said he was lying and that he needs to admit that he did it (again this sucks as I don’t care about the minor mess, but want to correct the lying). Anyway about this time his sister shows up and informs us that she did it. Man did I feel (and still feel) bad about this.  This happened 1.5 weeks ago and I still guilty about not believing him and calling him a liar.  I apologized right then and I know he’s surely forgotten all about it.  Reminded the pax that every story has 2 sides.  (My M was shocked that it wasn’t him, as he was fascinated with the rope that he and I just bought from Lowes).

Glad Farmer made it out, drove through the storms last night to make it in.
Found the Grizz-calator workout in the Exicon, had to incorporate them into a workout as Memphis is the home of the Grizzles and these are the best stairs in the city!  Surprisingly it caused the calves to burn just as much as the chest.

9/11 stair climb happening 5:15 next Friday at the Ruins.

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