January 5, 2019

Ruckshank Redemption

THE SCENE: Darkness


shelby farms – start at gravel lot on farm rd just N of walnut grove.


Followed the stories of a officers who were taken as prisoners in Germany during WW1.  With each failed escape attempt, they endured more punishment and were send to stricter prisons.

Beatdown #1.

Overhead ruck squats for nights spent is solitary confinement.  Tiger Lilly ensured proper squat form throughout or he wouldn’t count.


Beatdown #2

Stop at concrete pads between Sycamore View and greenline.
In one failed attempt, they dug a tunnel using spoons to try to get out. they carried out 2,335 bags of dirt from the tunnel and dispersed it out into the yard.

Rotated one PAX farmer carrying two rucks while the other three did SSH.  Completed 2,335 cumulative SSH.


Eventually the prisoners were sent to Holzminden POW camp.  This was supposed impossible to escape, built with extra layers of walls and security.  The prisoners began another tunnel.

Beatdown #3

Dig a tunnel – Line up and bear crawl dragging ruck some distance. Perform 20 shoulder taps, crawl bear back, dragging ruck. Repeat over increasing distances.


Beatdown #4

Escape – Low crawl with ruck the length of the tunnel, 60 yards.

60 men were in on the plan in different roles.  29 made it out before the tunnel collapsed.  Of those stuck in the tunnel, some were trapped in dirt and some passed out from lack of oxygen.  Within the 18 x 14 inch tunnel, those had to be pulled backwards back out.

For those we did partner drags 60 yards and back.



Orange Julius, Halpert, Tiger Lilly, Woodpecker

2 key lessons of note –

  1.  These guys were unable to escape on their own.  The Germans brought them together.  As a group, they came up with a plan utilizing all of their skills that became the greatest escape.
  2. Read an excerpt from a letter one of them wrote that described their motivation for escaping.  They weren’t driven to escape their situation or get back to their comforts at home.  They were trying to get back in the fight with their brothers who were still at war.  Each of the men who successfully made the 200 mile run to freedom returned to service.  Many of our brothers are fighting personal battles, some known and some still silent.  We should push to be close to them so that they are not fighting alone.

This was a lot fun at 2am.  I still can’t explain why though.