October 17, 2019

Rucks, Sandbags and PAX, Oh My!

THE SCENE:  Perfect F3 Weather!  45 degrees and clear skies at the Cockiest of Pits

YHC was a bit tight from a Granola beat down the previous day, so we started with Daisy Pickers.  Also did some Imperial Squat Walkers (since I was introduced to them by their founding father [Gus] on yesterday)

Rucked a mile with one of the 3 PAX under an 80 lb sandbag.  After first mile, PAX given the option to do sandbag tosses the length of the parking lot (200 yards) or to go through a series of rucked BC exercises.  PAX chose option 2.  We did the following with rucks on:

  • 50 SSH
  • 40 Lunges
  • 30 side lunges
  • 20 running man
  • 10 merkins
  • 20 running man
  • 30 side lunges
  • 40 lunges
  • 25 SSH (Cut short for time sake)

Rucked another half mile with each PAX taking a turn under the bag.  Back at parking lot, we did sand bag tosses about 50 yards back to start position.  

Not Applicable

3 PAX (No-FNG) Soulja Boy, Tremor, Bailout

It has been an emotional week.  A close friends father has passed, my daughter-in-laws parents had a bad car accident, my father is in the hospital and my eldest son and his young bride have moved to Africa…all in the course of a week.  

We men try to be solid foundations for our kids and our Ms.  We try to be tough.  Sometimes,  maybe more often than we do, we have to let loose, break down and let our emotions go.  It is okay.  It is expected.  Our Ms appreciate the vulnerability.  

We took a moment of silence to ponder and to pray over these situations.  


I love going to the Cockpit.  I sometimes dread the thought of the early morning commute, but the joy in Soulja Boy’s step livens me makes me glad I was there.  Glad Tremor decided to join this morning as well. 

None made